Monday, January 24, 2011

Team Color Beanie's

Remember the post where I mentioned all the newsboy caps I've been crocheting?  See here if you missed it.
I've been doing a ton of them.  They're easy, I can do it while watching TV with the hubs, or at bboys with Hurricane or....well the point is, I can take em anywhere!  So one day while visiting my parents, I went on a covert op...Papa Pirate's bday was coming up, and Papa's and Memah's are hard people to buy for.  So I thought I'd make him a newsboy cap.  I sneakily had DH give his Huskers hat to daddy-o and then proceeded to interrogate him to see if he liked it haha.  What I found out...or sensed I found out was that he liked the warmth but wasn't too keen on the brim part so...a beanie was born.  We're Fins fans to the death, yes they've never shown us a superbowl, but I'm an underdog kinda girl...apparently Papa Pirate is too, cuz well, we like the Dolphins always and forever.  So I took the Fins colors and came up with this....

What do you do when your model is not cooperating cuz he wants to watch Rudy? It's an adult hat, but my DH was NOT gonna be caught DEAD in those colors...he's a Steeler fan through and through.  I call him fairweather but hey....where was I again?

oh yeah,You take the hat off and place it on the boring table and get the shot...whatever.'s the pattern... my disclaimer is this...
I'm new to crochet.  This is my first shot at pattern writing, I'm in NO way a pro, so be kind :)  Last thing I ask is that you link back to me in anything you may publish...spread the love, give credit where credit is due.  Thanks friends!

Here we go...
I used a size K needle and bulky yarn (ideally)
I had to get creative on this hat, cuz the aqua and orange only came in really thin baby yarn (worsted weight) so I used three strands of that as one string and it gave me the bulk I needed to match up to the bulky weight of the white yarn.  Hope that opens up your options on color! 

Round 1:  Chain 3...Slip Stitch (SS) to join in a loop.
Round 2: DC 9x in loop join with a SS. (you should have 9 stitches here)
Rnd 3: Chain 2, do 2 DC in Each Stitch (18), SS to join.
Rnd 4: Chain 2, DC in next stitch, 2 DC in following stitch.  Follow pattern around, 2DC every other stitch.  SS to join (18)
Rnd 5: Chain 2, DC in next two stitches, 2DC in third stitch.  Follow pattern around, 2DC in every third Stitch.  SS to join (27)
Rnd 6: Chain 2, DC in next three stitches, 2DC in fourth stitch. Follow pattern around, 2DC in every fourth stitch.  SS to join (36)
Rnd 7: Chain 2, DC in next four stitches, 2DC in fifth stitch, follow pattern around, 2DC every 5th stitch.  SS to join.  (45)
Rnd 8: Chain 2, DC 22 stitches, 2DC in 23rd stitch.  DC next stitches to your last one in the round, 2DC in last stitch of the round, SS to join (47) Tie off and weave
Rnd 9: Chain 1 with new color. (Mine was Orange) Now we're gonna Half Double Crochet this round (HDC) if you don't know what that is, click here for a utube tutorial.  So HDC the round, SS to join.  Tie off and weave the ends. (47)
Rnd 10: Chain 1 with a third color (here mine's white).  SC the round.  SS to join, tie off and weave. (47)
Rnd 11:  Chain 1 in your second color (Remember mine was Orange) HDC the round, SS to join, tie off and weave.
Rnd 12: Chain 1 in your original color, SC the round SS to join tie off and weave.
That's it your done!
Why tie off and weave so many times you ask?  Well, this is the "cleanest" way to change the colors.  I've left them attached before but then my colors get skewompus at the change of colors.  I'll show you what I mean...

See where the smaller white stitch is?  That's where I am changing colors.  See how seamless that is?  In the past, I would have had orange stitches in the white row and white stitches in the orange row!  If someone knows a better way to do this...easier than tying off each change, I'm open to suggestion!  Like I said, I'm new at this!
Anyway, that's my daddy-o's Team colors beanie!  Hope you enjoy!  And if you make it, I'd love for you to comment pics to this post!  Love to see whatcha got!

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