Thursday, January 20, 2011

Easy Peasy Headband

I LOVE those headwraps.  Thats why I learned to crochet.  The funny part about that is... I have yet to make one!!!  I've been soooooooo busy with newsboy caps....
I made em for the kids...

Then for Hurricanes BBoys....

Then for cheap homemade Christmas Presents...
Ooops couldn't find that pic arghhhhh
Anyway, I'm just about hatted out.  But I'm not good at just sitting somewhere...I'm a great multi-tasker.  Take now for instance, I'm watching Glee, waiting on the dipes to dry, and blogging :)  Well, when we were out in California, my multitasking options were limited.  So I pulled out my crochet.  Hmmmm I thought, I could attempt to make one of those headbands but um, a) my hair is now short, b) I've made it through half the winter without one, and c) I couldn't find a pattern... hee hee.  I closed my eyes and thought...if I were a long piece of yarn, just waiting to take shape, what would I want to shape into?  Something pretty, frilly, fun, useful...something that still goes on the head, but not as bulky as the wrap...

This was perfect!  It was SUPER DUPER EASY, and I love that it's kind of intricate and mythical princess-y.  Wanna see another pic?
There we go from a little more head on approach.  I'm a dork.
And a new angle, same freakshow look on my face.

and another take...this is my ode to Napoleon Dynamite...the part where Uncle Rico is getting pics for his business card...oh yeah.  That one!  Tell me you aren't quoting a little ND now!!!

I know what your thinking right now....gawrsh mama, you're so talented!  How ever did you come up with this?  I didn't.  I copied.  Here's the link to my pattern.  Hope I inspired you to pull out the yarn and needles!

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McCabe Madness said...

Okay I totally LOVE this!!! You can make me one it your "free time" right :) While you are in one of your multi tasking days :) LOVE YOU!!!

J'aime said...

Love it girly!! And you look so beautiful in your pics!

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