Monday, December 13, 2010

Operation Christmas Spirit Day Five...Coffee Filter Tree

Ok really, I'm usually fairly original.  Problem is, I have looked at too many fun things I've wanted to try my hand at.
Enter the naptime craft I worked on today...
First let me give credit where credit is due...inspiration for my craft today came from here.
Now that that little piece of housekeeping is out of the way, lemme show you what I did!
First off, I'm making a Coffee Filter Tree.  I happen to have a ahem few filters on hand.  Largely due to them a)being super cheap at Sams Club and b) not being used since I've been using the reuseable filter our new Grind and Brew came with.  But as for supplies, that's where I stopped.  I knew I wanted to attempt this project and so when I hit up my local Dollar Tree last week, I hooked it up with some styro forms...which I was excited about cuz I wasn't looking forward to getting them at Michaels.  But then I needed some inspiration for the base.  My inspiration used candle sticks, of which there were NONE at Dollar Tree.  NONE!  I had to get creative.  I ended up with mini glass vases, and some clear stone marble thingy's.  As for a topper, inspiration used a really cute orny, of which I had to improvise too.  I started out with a little glass angel I found at Dollar Tree, but then on my trip to Wally this morning I found an even better orny...for a BUCK!
While we're on wally...did you know they have the cutest color 2 foot pre lit trees!  I told the kids they'd have to wait to get room trees till next year so I could hit the sales, but at 8$ I got em all a tree...I'm sure we'll be posting that shortly!
Anyway, lets fast forward to naptime shall we?
Here was my $1 form, straight pins, and coffee dusted with silver spray paint cuz it's my new BFF.
I have to admit, this took a few tries.  I actually took the first three rows out cuz I didn't like the way we were going.
But basically I took three filters folded em in half, then fan folded them.  See here...
Now pinch at the bottom and pin to your form.  Some of them took two pins.  Now...and this is important...FLUFF.  Fluff now cuz if you wait til later you'll realize you've done TOO MUCH WORK!
So fluff.  Then repeat.  Just add till you get full enough.   Now take a second and set it down.  Are you even?  if not, crunch your paper here, fluff a little there.  Pin over here.  Whatever makes you happy!
When I hit the top, I took my $1 walmart find, turned it upside down and stuffed it INTO the styro.  Then I glued it with E6000.  Not my handy dandy hot glue...because it didn't work, in case your wondering.  E6000 worked well though...even though my thumb and forfinger are fused for all eternity :)  
While I was waiting for my glue to dry, I turned my attentions to my base.  What oh what was I going to do?  I needed a little sparkle.  For a moment I thought about how I could get a lone light bulb in there, but then I eyed my left over sparkle balls from my megaphone tree and the light popped on!  I mixed those with the marble rock thingy's and voila!  Still would like a light in there, but maybe next year.
K ya ready for the next to attach the tree to it's base...Enter a piece of white felt and my crazy glue again.  I pinned the felt to the bottom of my form, then glued the felt to the rim of my vase.  
For this...

I love the way it all turned out!  I thought about adding more filter poufs to the bottom but that would cover up my pretty base.
Dont you think that would make a nice centerpiece for a wedding reception too?  Just sayin...
K well stay tuned tomorrow...I have a Christmas Party to attend and am running into the age old dilemma...."I don't have anything to wear"  Wonder where I'll get inspired?
See ya!

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