Sunday, December 12, 2010

Operation Christmas Spirit Day Four...Projects n PJ's

It's Sunday.  For most of us (well those with small children) it means a morning of chaos as you get everyone dressed, fed, beautified, unwrinkled, and smiled so you can go have a good day at church DAMN IT!  And listen to a wonderful sermon on how to be more Christlike all while wondering if your kids will show permanent damage from the harm you caused them this morning trying to get ready.
I love God.  I love what He has done for me.  I participate in Bible Study, small group and MOPS...but I draw the line at sunday mornings by myself.  So to make me feel better about it, I created Projects n PJ's.  Its a little something I do with the kiddos, some together time without the TV.  And because if you've ever really been into your project you know that mode you get into where you plum forget to get out of your PJ's (for three days) because you are so engrossed in your Project.  Hence Projects n PJ's.
Now that you know what it's what we did!
In playing around in  Centsational Girl
craft linky party, I happened upon this cutesy little project. (Note here, I looked at a ton that night and cant seem to find you inspirational if it was you, email me so I can give you credit!)

I have to admit, at first I was going to do this one on my own, til I tried to come up with a (useable) craft for PnP day.  Then I thought, this isn't too hard, I'll let the kids do it!!! So here we go...
Awww cute right?  Don't these children look the epitome of angelic cherubums?  How could you NOT take these well behaved children to church on Sunday morning??  Little do you know this pic was all Tornado's attention span could handle.  He was down shortly thereafter.
By the way, do you SEE that GLASS table top I'm calling a family dinner table?  Yeah I have big plans for that bad boy once the holidays are over...stay tuned.

Hurricane on the other hand did better than I thought.  Love the tongue dude!
So notice the way they're all lined up...I kept trying to explain they needed a little space between them.  He didn't get it.
Hurricane peeking in the bowl.  He wants to know where the marshmallows are.  That would be fun huh?  Once he found out there were no marshmallows he was off again.
But Hurricane just kept on going....
and going....
and GOING!  I don't think I've held his attention this long in...well... a really. long. time.
What was my little Ocean doing all this time?
Isn't he cute?  DH calls him my favorite, or my golden child, but how can you not love someone so happy!  With such an adoreable smile!  Love you bug!
Tornado wanted to jump in on the action again for 2.5 seconds!
All that hard work paid off....
Hurricane with his work...even though Tornado tried to snake in!
And Tornado with his work...well mommy's work but...

That's it for today!  Think I got the kiddos into the mood, and I'm there!  I'm lovin doing all these fun things!   Wait till you see what I have in store tomorrow!

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