Friday, December 10, 2010

Operation Christmas Spirit Day Two...a wreath...Surprise

It's sort of a joke around my house.  It goes something like this...
Me: Hi Hunny, you'll never guess what I made today!!!
DH: A wreath?
Shoot, foiled again.   He teases that we moved into this house because there were so many places to put wreaths.  Not entirely true, just an added benefit.
So, for my newest wreath....
Last year my theme was the silver/aqua snowflake theme.  This worked well cuz I could double alot of the stuff for January.  I never did get around to a wreath though.  Because I am still throwing a tantrum for not getting a new theme this year, I wanted to do SOMETHING new, but with minimal cost.

Enter too many tree decorations, silver spray paint, glitter mod podge, and a wreath I bought in a pack at Hob Lob.
This was the beginning,  see the twigs in the middle?  I um...picked them up in my yard(pruned them from the ugly bush in the front shh don't tell hubby!  He told me no!), thinking I would need to add to the wreath.  
Turns out the wreath was just fine without them.  Maybe I'll stick em in the tree so I can feel good about um...picking them up.

Enter spray entire little can.  Note to self, pick up more silver spray next time your at Michaels.

I like all things sparkly.  I had a fab idea to spray adhesive to the wreath then add my own glitter.  In theory it would have worked, if only I knew where my spray adhesive was.  Waiting shyly on the sidelines was glittery mod podge.  "ok" I thought, we'll give it a whirl.  Working in sections I mod podged the branches then glittered them.  I think the floor got more than the wreath.  Argh.

Ok paint's dry, glitter is on, time to take it upstairs so my fingers can thaw out and start working :)

 I laid everything out first, as I'm waiting for the glue gun to warm up, lets take a trip around the circle shall we?  Snowflake ornaments, Target a few years ago, 30 for like 2.50.  Disco balls, Icesicle, Tree orny's Target a few years ago...2.50 for a big tub.  Ribbon, Dollar Tree (they have some nice ribbon this year) lets see...$1.  Stars in the middle...I picked these dandys up from Tai Pan for like a buck for 10.  I loved em so much I bought three boxes worth.  I can never fit all of them on the tree with my 5 bzillion other ornys, so, this looked like a nice place for them to land.  I had ideas to put Merry Christmas signs or wrapped packages, but thought better of it so when I'm lazy and leave it up till Valentines day, it looks like it belongs there...unlike my Halloween wreath I took down YESTERDAY!!

Ok Glue guns ready to go...
And our final product.  No that's not it's resting place silly goose, I just didn't know where else to put it. 
Which brings me to my next dilemma, where do I put it?  Thought about outside but experience has taught me hot glue and cold temps do not mix.  So now I don't know where it's going.  But I have two months to figure it out!

And that was day two for Operation Boost my Christmas Spirit!  I can say I think it's starting to work!  Wait till you see what I have to show you tomorrow!

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