Monday, December 27, 2010

My First Distressing Project

I love the change of seasons.
It's winter.  Cold, Wet, Snowy.  I'm stuck in the house alot more.  I think this is by design, cuz I don't know that any of my indoor projects would get done I weren't forced to look at them day in and day out.  My poor hubby's Honey DO list doubled, tripled in the month we went from playing outside to being inside all day!
What I've learned is, with DH working so much, I have two choices...lower my standards, OR learn to do it myself.  Gee I wonder what I'll choose :)
A while ago, I had seen these beautiful end tables, and they were like, well, Martha Stewart expensive, and lets face it, I'm Martha Stewart taste, Marge Simpson budget.  Not to mention, my inner artist said you can make those.  What did I do?  What I normally do, took a picture for reference and went to work...
First stop, KSL.  Was able to unload an UGGGGLLLYYY set of (well made) tables off a starving college student for about 20 bucks.  Then off to Home Depot I went.  A little black paint, and one of those sample size bottles of this great light robins egg blue color.
I cleaned off the tables, a light sand and we were ready.  I rolled the black paint on first.  Then the real work started.  I've never distressed before, so it was really a work of experimental proportions.  I started by dry brushing the blue on a door...which was my test piece.  In hind sight not the best idea for a test piece but, well now I know.  Dry brush wasnt achieving my desired effect, so then I brushed it off with cheese cloth.  Still not the look I was going for.  Then in looking for inspiration in my paint bucket my eyes brushed past a gallon of glaze.  "Hmm" I thought..."can always repaint it and start over right?"  off I went.  I mixed the glaze n the blue paint half and half.  And I came up with this
The door on my left was my test door hee hee.  I like the mismatch of the paint, I did it on purpose.  I think it adds to the mod podge of the paint.  So there :)
Then I thought ok, I want a little more black to pop through.  So I did 3/4 glaze, 1/4 paint and voila, the rest of the table was born.  To add just a bit more to it, I did a dry brush on the whole table.
Distressed enough?
In case your worndering, I painted the inside too.
Then, remember how I said I liked the mod podge look of the mismatched doors?  I thought it would tie This in...

I found these beaded beauties at Hob Lob, but knew DH would NOT want them on HIS table, so he got the ahem (boring) normal pulls.

See?  Mismatched, so dont you think that just pulls it together?
Project one tackled for $25...Whats next?

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