Thursday, December 23, 2010

It’s been a couple days no??  And I was on such a role.
Til DH got home.  That tends to happen.  
Anyway, we’ve been BUSY.  Tis the season right?  Season to shop, season to cook, to eat, to party, but most of all to spend time with family.  A couple of years ago, we got a “gift” in the form of a company transfer out of state, away from family.  Some of you are saying what kind of gift is that, that’s hell, others are saying wish that would happen to me, I need a good excuse to move away.  It was a gift because we really got to cement our little family and become a separate entity from our big families we came from.  We got to create some memories, and start some traditions that otherwise would not have been created.  I highly recommend moving away from your family for a bit. .  Ok, on to why I told you that anyway.
A couple years ago, what began as an innocent little family activity quickly got a dose of my and DH’s competitive edge and became the great Gingerbread Faceoff.  We posted pics on FaceBook, and had our friends vote on the best house.  That was three years ago.  
We’ve gotten bigger and better and smarter....and more COMPETITIVE!
The parameters were:
Houses and frosting provided
$10 max on decorations
We have to finish at the same time
No disclosing the teams til afterwards...
We took the kids to the Dollar Store(told you I love that place) and had a hay day...then came home and got to work.
For the record, royal icing is the best for this, and we doubled the sugar, but left the eggs per the recipe.  Then beat it til the frosting is stiff.  This has taken three years of RnD by the way.
So welcome welcome, come on in, grab a cuppa java, and a seat.  Get comfy and enjoy!
This is Nightmare Before Christmas...we had this ingenious idea to theme the house.  Wonder whose house this one was...

This one reminds me of a little cabin fit for Jos Jos...

Surprise surprise on this one!

Well if Rain is that one...guess who this one is hee hee.
  Where are the other Forces you ask?  Tornado was the team saboteur for each team, he just ate all the candy.  Ocean cheered from the sidelines...swing that is.
But after we posted pics to FB, I go back in the kitchen to find this...

"DH"  I yell disgustedly...nope that would be Rain...guess Tornado wasn't the only saboteur!
After the votes came in, and it was a close one, Swedish Fish Cabin won...DOH!  That makes three years in a row DH won.  I'm currently accepting applications for my creative team for next year :)
See my FB for more pics!
Thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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