Thursday, December 9, 2010

Italian Holiday

Well hello there.
I think my resolution LAST year was to publish more...guess what my resolution NEXT year will be?
Yup you guessed it!  If only I could stay off stupid FaceBook!
Onto my post!
Lemme check my calendar.  December 9th?  Are you KIDDING me?  Where'd THAT year go?  Oh yeah, to having a baby.  Regroup....  Christmas is well, days away...and I am having a hard time getting up and going decor wise.  Is this because I'm a) overwhelmed cuz DH isn't here to help  b) under excited (throwing a tantrum) because I didn't pull out a new themed tree this year or c) unmotivated cuz we're going to the fams for Christmas.   Whatever the case is, I decided I needed to get my heiny in gear.  So I launched operation Christmas Spirit.  (Insert the song "where are you Christmas" here)
I finally did pull stuff out this week, and wanted to show you my one entirely decorated, wholesomely gaudy Italian tree.
Why Italian you ask?  Because, I'm obsessed.  Being one connoisseur of food, pasta in particular, I have been drawn to Italy.  It encompasses all we as Americans don't "get" when it comes to dining;  The cooking is part of the experience, dinner is designed to last all night, and friends, like wine are to be enjoyed slowly :)  I've become so obsessed, my kitchen decor is..surprise Tuscan.  Anyway, when I did an Italian Holiday theme a couple years ago, as a not so subtle hint to my DH, I didn't just want to throw my decorations away.  Fast forward a year or five to this year when I was putting up a little three foot tree in the kitchen wondering how I was going to decorate this little beauty when what to my wondering eyes should I trip over but my box labeled Italian Holiday.  Drum Roll please.....
This is what you see when you walk into my kitchen!  Awwww Cute-uh!
The gold leaves came from Michaels...50% off, yes they still have them five years later.
Purple ribbon courtesy of the Dollar Store
Ornaments, plastic...Thank God with my forces of nature, or they'd be broke already.  Day after Christmas sale at Target.  
Tile I made at
Stacking boxes...stolen from my sister...not really, she gave em to me geez! FREE!

Tell me this isnt the bomb?  It came off a Williams Sonoma package I received last year!

Ode to my mom, since wine ornaments don't come in the shape of a box.  Day after sale at HobLob...25 cents!

Ok, really?  You can't have a Christmas tree in your kitchen without a nod to Starbucks (or as I so lovingly refer; Fivebux; original? No.  True? Yes.)  Ok so I paid full price for these dumb things.  In hind site it would a been cute to collect my coffee cups from there and glitz em up and make a tree....ohhhhhhh idea for next year!!!

So that's my Operation Christmas Spirit Day one.  Lets see what tomorrow brings! 

Need some more decorating ideas??
Check these guys, they're both hosting Christmas Tree Parties

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