Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dollar Tree Specials... Day Three in OCS!!

Your gonna laugh!  First off, I had forgotten just how much I love the Dollar Store.  They just opened a new one a lil closer to home, and I went in and fell in love all over again!  I need to go back cuz I've gotten some more ideas.  Not to mention Road Trip is fast approaching and I need new gear for my Boredom Buster Box.  Todays naptime project was an ALL nap time affair.  Normally I settle in with a piping hot Peppermint Mocha, and chill for a few but not today, it was all business.  Lemme show you why!
First off this is what we started lovely little boys were running around the house the other day screaming into this beauty.  I took it away and set it on the counter...til yesterday or so I looked at it, getting in my christmas mood, and said A-Ha!  As a pretty little picture set in my mind!
I sanded it just a little to rough up the edges and then found my handy dandy silver spray paint, yes I bought some more on my trip to Michaels to find little shiny something or others to attach to the megaphone...ok tangent...paint.
While paint was drying I turned my attentions to these... new favorite craft store, for this sorta stuff anyway...these were .99 with 50% off, yup .49.  I bought. ALOT.
I took my wire cutters...from my jewelry making stuff mind you cuz they were easier to handle but now I thinking that wasn't such a great idea cuz I don't think they're gonna cut my jewelry stuff now! produced this...
Lots and lots of shiny balls!
So I set to work...
Row one...doesn't it look like a Birthday Hat...hmmmm that gives me an idea...ok anyway, I just started gluing away...
Here's my gluesticks.  Surely I won't need all of these, I just brought them up so I'd have them for the next project.  I used EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.  I'm kind of embarrased to admit that.
Ya know that song Dory sings on Finding Nemo?  Swimming Swimming Just keep swimming...that was me singing Gluing Gluing just keep gluing....glu who who who who who just keep gluing.  You get the picture...for two and a half hours I glued.  But it was worth it cuz...ta da....I finally finished.
As for the other part it was quick and easy...
I saw a blog the other day where she spraypainted a plastic santa she bought at Dollar Tree.  I kid you not when I tell you I found this this was not my genius but hers!

Santa before...kinda boring and plain.
Santa after!  Silver spraypaint then after that dried a spritzed brown spraypaint on him.  The only think I noticed is that when I picked santa up I ended up all silvery, so might I suggest a clear coat to set him?  or maybe rough him up a bit with sandpaper before spray painting him!  She was right though, painting Santa really brought out his detail!
Here they are upclose!  See what I mean about the detail?  As for the tree, there is no pattern so stop trying to look for one you Obsessive Compulsive people!  I did that on purpose to drive you nuts!  Actually I did that cuz I kept making patterns but was trying so hard to be random!

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LeAnn and Kids said...

Cute... It's amazing what we can do with kids toys and bargain finds. Try walking into a thrift store and having ideas come to you. So you buy it and put it aside. Then you forget what the heck you bought it for.

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