Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day SIx!!! Party Dress Glamified

Awww I'm so proud of myself!
Ok.  Remember yesterday I mentioned that I had a Christmas Party to go to today, and I was battling the age old "I have nothing to wear" fight?  K let me amend that to, I have nothing to wear with these fab boots I got from JUST FAB.  Sure, feed the addiction right?

I was at my favorite upscale french boutique... Jaque Penet (Penney's) and happened upon this little dress on the 70 off rack.
Cute right?  It was the color I wanted, but it was pretty boring.  Some would accessorize with a scarf but not me....
I thought why not try my hand at those little rosettes I LOVE!!!  So...

And because it's not totally an Ashleigh creation with out a little bling...
We got this!  With my bling in the middle.
Maybe I should apologize for these pics...all taken on my iPhone.
If I were cool, I'd retake some on my D60 but it's 11:46 PM and Ocean is in his bed crying so...

Ok onward...I laid em out on the top and they were ok...but really wanted something on the bottom...
So took half from the top and placed them on the bottom portion opposite side.  Still needed something.
Yeah those work.  If you haven't made these. EASY PEASY!  Tut to come!  Ahem notice the bling hee hee!
K Place, replace place n pin.  
Yup, I got what I was looking for, so out came the needle and thread.  I debated for a split second putting them on alligator clips for easy removal but decided that may be on the wee bit tacky side and just sewed them on.

This is the "lapel" part

And these are the bottom...not a good picture my gawsh!

Me, iPhone in hand, trying to get my Ashified Dress.  Not an easy feat.  but you get the idea!
Hope you like!  I did!
Tomorrow...tuts on the rosettes, the satin flowers, and my way cute earrings I made to complete the outfit!!
Stay tuned!

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