Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day Seven...Earrings to Match

I'm working on a theme...something along the lines of Sales Rack I never really shop on Saturdays, but by the time I get to it to personalize it, it's usually Saturday!
Ok, so remember my dress from yesterday, I went to bed feeling like it just. wasn't. done.  Til I had an ingenious look for that one to pop up in the next little bit.  I know I said I'd get tut's up for the rosettes and the satin flowers, I will I will.  But in the mean time, I wanted to give you another idea...
I'm a silver girl.  Maybe it's the age, maybe its what I grew up with, I just couldn't tell ya.  But I definitely choose silver over gold most days.  Problem is, either I'm in the majority in my preference, or gold is making a comeback in a big way.  Whatever the case is, I've been hitting a yellow toned wall when it comes to jewelry shopping lately.  I am loving the big HUGE chandelier earrings that are about half as big as your head.  Their gaudy, and intricate, and all the girls on Jerseylicious wear them so they've gotta be cool right?  Not to mention, with my short hair these days, I can really show those babies off!
I've been looking....
and looking.... and
LOOKING!  They're all freakin gold!
So I broke down...
Look how pretty...see what I mean about intricate?  Ornate?  BUT GOLD!!!
Then I had an epiphany, I paint everything else why stop at jewelry.
Spray paint oh spray paint wherefore are thou spraypaint?
You got it....
Wow, spraypaint finally gives these gems their due respect hee hee.  Then, because I'm me, I lightly sprayed adhesive and then added turquoise glitter.  Then I broke out my jewelry glue and some cutesy jewels I found in my scrapbooking box.  Glued the "jewels" to the middle of each circle and....


Instant appeal to all my silver lovin comrades!
Just the possibility :)
See ya tomorrow!

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