Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day Eight...The Nutcracker Suite, BBoys Style

Hurricane, my lil golfin fool stopped short in front of a gargantuan screen tv at Best Buy last summer.  I mean I almost ran over him he stopped so fast and hard.  My first thought was, his FATHER has put him up to WAY I'm putting this monstrosity in my house ANYWHERE.  I quickly learned that he stopped not because of the TV but what was on it...good ol MJ's This is It DVD.  He. was. mesmerized.
DH and I took the opportunity to let him know about the legend he'd never get to experience.  But the seed was planted.  He started dancing everywhere.  One day I pulled up breakdance on you tube, and then I created a monster cuz he just wanted to watch.  Most kids would grow bored, not Hurricane man, he kept askin for more, THEN he started watching and REPEATING.
I got him into bboys in October.
Saturday, he had his first performance...I posted it on UTube... don't mind my editing...I a)didn't think you wanted to lay your head down to watch cuz I recorded it long ways I guess, and b) thought you might bore before the best part, his freestyle.  oh and c) have never used iMovie before, as is blatantly obvious in this vid...
Ok there's my disclaimer, here's my link....

The lil dude with the mad moves is mine...yup I'm a proud mama!

Aren't little kids the best, you can hear me laughin my butt off cuz they just not gettn it but that's the best part isn't it?
Hope that gave you a little holiday cheer!

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