Thursday, September 16, 2010

Damn You Elusive iHound

So this is a shorty, really to blow off steam.

My DH bought me an iPod Touch for Mothers Day, this was after years and years of heckling and teasing him cuz he got his iPod years ago while I've been using the "dino-pod" we're talking 2nd generation here!  The things huge.  Any way he buys this for me and I love it, of course, and now I see the great draw to the iPhone.
Fathers Day DH gets yup an iPhone.
2weeks later, Tornado throws my BB Curve in my sisters pool...guess who got an iPhone 4....neener neener neener.  Whoa off on a tangent...
So.....I loaded some games on the Touch so I could keep the kids (Hurricane) busy while at the store and in times of desperation.  
DH and I take the boys to the park, and Hurricane is sitting on the spiderweb part (his usual hangout) when out comes my bright pink covered Touch.  That stink pot has brought it to the park!  I take it from him promptly and put it in my back pocket.
Fast forward to the next day when I start thinking gee its been a while since I saw my Touch.
Then I start tearing the house down, retracing steps all that jazz... I walked back to the park, yeah no such luck .  All the while feeling terrible b/c well it was a gift number one, and number two that's a lot of money and number three DH was already feeling bad about the Touch cuz once I got my iPhone, the Touch wasn't used that often.
IT's been driving me nuts.  I THINK i vaguely remember taking it out of my pocket when I went to the bathroom, cuz I was thinking yeah don't want that to go in the water.  So it may be here at home but I cant find it anywhere!!!
So I google "lost my iPod Touch" and find out theres and app called iHound.  I read some reviews and it seems to me that it will track it using its individualized serial number.  So I buy the app.  Yay I see a glimmer of hope!!!
Yeah no, the damn thing only works if you have it installed prior to losing it.
Damn you stupid app.  Lift me up give me hope then crush all my hopes and dreams!!
Whhhhaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh....sniff sniff what now???

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