Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Carseat Catastrophes

Who knew it would be this hard?
I gave our last baby seat away to my best B...hers had issues and we were done FOREVER with ours so... skip ahead a few years to present day.  We find ourselves in need of yet ANOTHER baby carrier.  After procrastinating it as long as I could...Ocean was five days old...I ordered a cute one on Walmart.com...it looked light blue and chocolate online.  When we got our eagerly anticipated infanct seat, it was turquoise.  Yeah, not gonna work.  So we load all the kids up and make it our outing one day to take said carseat back.  Then over to Target to get this cute owl one I saw, that apparently only comes in a travel system with a stroller.  And I need another stroller about as much as I need a hole in my head.
So back to Wally...nope nuttn there either.  I know what your saying by now...wow, she's picky.  mmmm not really.  I just wasn't gonna, well ok maybe.  That was the end of that shopping trip with three little people and two tired parents.
Onto the next day, which happened to be Memorial Day.  We were going to attempt our first family day-outing at Gram's house for a family BBQ.  I had gotten smart and looked online for carseats.  I had found one at Babies R Us and had called the store, had it put on hold for us, the whole nine yards...went and got said carseat and...
My review is as follows....

Originally submitted at Toys R Us

The Baby Trend Flex Loc Infant Car Seat in All Star will accommodate infants between 5 and 30 lbs. and a height of 30 in. or less. This car seat boasts a 5 pt safety restraint system with an easy one-handed harness adjustment and a push button release, so no harness rethreading is required, minimi...

Love the seat HATE the harness
By McMommyShopsAlot from Utah on 6/1/2010
1out of 5
Pros: Stylish, Sturdy, Safe
Cons: Poor harness, Hard to Install, Uncomfortable
Describe Yourself: Parent of Two or More Children
We chose this seat for our fourth child because the color scheme was right with what we did in his room. Loved the scheme, loved the base...it was heavy and sturdy. The base didn't take a seatbelt, it had these industrial hooks that you mounted on the anchors in your car (assuming you have said anchors). But where the seat got me was the harness. You have to press together the two plastic hooks that are then inserted into the clip at the crotch. This is NO EASY FEAT even on a newborn. Let alone a child that squirms! So your trying to hold the two pieces together, get it into the clip AND hold baby's legs out of the way so you don't pinch them. AND I"M NO ROOKIE! this is number four! We took it back with in the first 24 hours of purchase.
I would NOT recommend this product or any of the baby trend seats until they change their harness system!

No really, we returned it this morning!  Day three of carseat catastrophe!
So, we're in a hurry cuz Hurricane is at school, so we have a clock to beat there, at this point I'm desperate!  Baby has been in a convertible seat that is ok, but he's not very snug in there and its big and bulky and blah blah blah.  I just want a dumb seat is it really all that much to ask?  Maybe so.  
Nothing at Babies R Us, we run to Burlington and "laaaaaaaaaa" angel songs, highlight on the seat...we find a seat for SUPER CHEAP and while it doesn't match our decor, I'm going to recover it and won't feel the least bit bad about spending that money cuz, well we only spent a little on the seat!  So there.  Catastrophe solved, new project added to my long list of projects and we are all happy again!
I'll post pics of the cover whenever that happens haha!

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