Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Evolution of a Game

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Remember I'm getting old...those two words seem to pepper my monologues these days!
Anyway, remember when you would play slug the car, at home, in the neighborhood.  Whatever.  They objective of the game was to beat up the person nearest you without any of the repercussion of parental interference or being pummeled yourself, but you could only pummel the weak and weary unfortunate being if a slugbug was in sight.  Now this was great when say you were at a stop light and said bug was stopped with you.  You had at least 45 seconds of unadulterated beat up time hee hee!
Anyway.  The game, like many things, has evolved over the years.  I admit, I haven't really played this road game with the kids.  I don't really have a good answer other than I much prefer the state game or the ABC game.  Or naptime :)  but I guess my time has come!
DH asked me a week or so ago if I had been privy to slugbug on steroids with Rain yet.  I smirked a little and said no, to which he launched into a dissertation of this new fave of Rain's.  I secretly congratulated myself on being so sneaky as to have avoided playing in Slugbug Grows Up...but I should have known it was only a matter of time.  Yesterday on the way home, I was slugged by Rain as she cried out BINGO!  Ok now I quickly checked for the Seniors Center or farmers dogs (you know there was a farmer had a dog...) nope neither one in sight!  So I look at her and ask incredulously,
"what the...?"
"Bingo is a yellow vehicle mom!  Oh and there's using it more than once."
  (Damn she outsmarted me cuz we were pulling alongside a school bus!  I was gonna make sure we were stopped at the same time!)
Ok. Ok fine....I'm putting my game face on when she smacks me again.  I quickly look around for the "Bingo" until she says Jeepers.
"Wha Wha?"
" Jeepers mom...a jeep." (Like huuuuhhhhhllloooo)
Ok, so now we have Bingo's, SlugBug, and Jeepers.  Ok.  Well now that I was getting the hang of the game, we pulled into the neighborhood.
"Not to worry" I assure myself.  "There's always tomorrow."
So fast forward to this morning, we are zipping down the road, singing mamma mia at the top of our lungs and I'm winning the Slugbug on Steroids game!  I'm successfully bruising poor Rains leg and the competitive side in me is jumping for joy!  We're almost at school and I see a bus
"Bingo" I shriek in delight!  Start doing the Cabbage Patch victory dance until she smacks me as an ugly green Element goes by.
"CUBE!" She shouts!  then jumps out of the car says  "Love you mom!"  and slams the door.
Dang outsmarted by the child again.  Wonder what mystery car she'll pull tomorrow!?

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