Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wash Day

Do you remember that movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? Remember how the dad thought windex could fix ANY and EVERY thing from zits to head colds? Well just remember that little tidbit, as it may become a parallel here.
I opened my washer this morning to find that I had washed my bright whites with a Dark Chocolate Dove bar. Mmm Hmm. Now the sad part is I cant even blame the kids cuz who, in this family eats dark chocolate? Yeah that would be me. So now what? DH has a really cute shirt in there, and my only white coat I have is in there! (Hence the way chocolate found its way into my washer in the first place). All of the sudden two pieces of advice come shouting their way out from the depths of my racing mind.
1) its ruined anyway, whats the big deal if you try a few creative ways to get the stain out
2) Dawn fixes everything.
In our six month stint at my beautiful grandmas house, I learned the aforementioned bits of advice. She uses Dawn on EVERYTHING!!! Canning, need to wash the fruits before canning them? Soak em in a Dawn bath. Oil stain on the cement? Dawn. Stains on guessed it, Dawn.
So I set to scrubbing everything with Dawn. Then, because I am trying to move towards more natural cleaning products, I pasted them with baking soda and let everything sit for a bit.
"Well here goes nothing" I thought as I loaded up my washer with water, soap, chocolate stained clothing and a large dose of hope.
Forty-five minutes later, I was rewarded with.......

Beautiful, wearable, salvaged clothes!!!
SO, the object lesson for today?
a) Dark chocolate + white clothes+ washing machine= DISASTER
b) Dawn+Baking Soda+ stained clothing= SAVED!!
See ya next time!

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Dunn Family said...

Thanks for the advice. I'm forever leaving chapstick in my pocket and it drives Jory nuts. I just heard that dish soap would take it out and I thought..."hum, dish soap in the washer sounds like a disaster." BUT, maybe a prewash on the spots might do it and you're right if it's already ruined, who's it going to hurt? Thanks!

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