Sunday, February 7, 2010

My oldest gets older and Superbowl Sunday

Awwww where to start!
I have lots to put up, so I will group them and then do two entries hows that?
Well, nine years ago today, I became a mommy for the first time to my sweet little girl. She was everything that I had wanted/wished for and hoped for, wrapped into an eight pound bundle of yellow blankets and a yellow ducky pajama...we didnt find out what kind of baby we were having, so I think I had two pink outfits for her!
She has taught me alot about life, about parenting, and about how VASTLY different a child can be from their spite of looking just like me!
She amazes me every day! She is smart, beautiful, thoughtful, and mostly diplomatic. She is a fabulous older sister to her brothers and they ADORE her. I am learning each day that my interests are not neccesarily hers, and thats ok. She gets to be the only girl in a family FULL of boys, and she has taken that in her stride, flawlessy. Happy Birthday baby girl, I'm interested to see what the next nine years will bring!

Onto our next subject for this entry.....SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!
I haven't seen much of my DH these days. He works alot. Needless to say, we are not taking our time together lightly these days. So much so that we have become quite reclusive...just ask M&M and our family...they think they saw us more when we lived in another state!
Anyway, today was no exception. Despite quite a few invites, we ended up chillin at home. Trust me though, we were NOT missing out on any of the hype! We had our share of food, share of joy and share of laughs....the Doritos shock collar commercial has to be a fave!
The best part was this...we got to veg on blankets, in sweats, and gorge ourselves with no witnesses (haha!) All in the comfort of our bedroom!
Now that's what I call a SUPERbowl!

Until next time!

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