Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hurricane strikes again

He's just a babe, and I had to share this pic with you...this is with my newest toy, my new AF-Nikkor 1:8 lens! The best thing for portraits. See how it hones in on your subject and blurs everything around. LOVE IT!!! Just a shameless plug for Nikon and it's products!!! Anyway, on to the blog...

Oh my what to do with that second child of mine? Is it the age, or is it him?
HE has been in his share of trouble these days. He drives me up the wall most days, but for everytime I have to restrain myself from wrapping my hands around his little neck and choking him, I am somehow rewarded with his crazy antics. Here are two for your pleasure....
My parents rented a condo last weekend, and we all headed up to was Sundance Film, drink, play games, and just have a plain ole good time. The weekend was, well interesting...but had potential. After and event filled Saturday, we were packing up on Sunday, when Hurricane goes out to daddy to get his shoes on. Well my DH being him said "Hurricane, whaddya say we ditch mommy and Tornado, we'll head down to Main Street and pick up some chicks" Hurricane sits with that for a while as his little brain wraps around what has just been said. Then he comes running to me and says, "Mommy, we're gonna hit you and Tornado and go pick up chickens!" It was good for a laugh....
Speaking of chicken. My child has a fascination with chicken. Everytime he eats something these days he says "mmm good, tastes like chicken"
So here we go...we're doing school the other day, and we decide to have a little snack, popscicles work, we're dreaming of warmer weather right?
"Hurricane, how many popsicles do you have?"
"Good job buddy. What color is it?"
"Mmmmm boo (blue) "
Good job buddy! You're getting so smart!"
"Mmm hmm"
"What does my popasicle taste like?"
"I don't know buddy, I think it tastes like Blueberry doesnt it?"
"No tastes like....(yup you guessed it) CHICKEN!"
that kid! Here he is offering his blue popsicle for my tasting cuz, duh it tastes like chicken mom!

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mandy said...

YAY for's on my wish list...we missed you guys but totally uinderstand. Hope to see you soon!

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