Monday, December 27, 2010

My First Distressing Project

I love the change of seasons.
It's winter.  Cold, Wet, Snowy.  I'm stuck in the house alot more.  I think this is by design, cuz I don't know that any of my indoor projects would get done I weren't forced to look at them day in and day out.  My poor hubby's Honey DO list doubled, tripled in the month we went from playing outside to being inside all day!
What I've learned is, with DH working so much, I have two choices...lower my standards, OR learn to do it myself.  Gee I wonder what I'll choose :)
A while ago, I had seen these beautiful end tables, and they were like, well, Martha Stewart expensive, and lets face it, I'm Martha Stewart taste, Marge Simpson budget.  Not to mention, my inner artist said you can make those.  What did I do?  What I normally do, took a picture for reference and went to work...
First stop, KSL.  Was able to unload an UGGGGLLLYYY set of (well made) tables off a starving college student for about 20 bucks.  Then off to Home Depot I went.  A little black paint, and one of those sample size bottles of this great light robins egg blue color.
I cleaned off the tables, a light sand and we were ready.  I rolled the black paint on first.  Then the real work started.  I've never distressed before, so it was really a work of experimental proportions.  I started by dry brushing the blue on a door...which was my test piece.  In hind sight not the best idea for a test piece but, well now I know.  Dry brush wasnt achieving my desired effect, so then I brushed it off with cheese cloth.  Still not the look I was going for.  Then in looking for inspiration in my paint bucket my eyes brushed past a gallon of glaze.  "Hmm" I thought..."can always repaint it and start over right?"  off I went.  I mixed the glaze n the blue paint half and half.  And I came up with this
The door on my left was my test door hee hee.  I like the mismatch of the paint, I did it on purpose.  I think it adds to the mod podge of the paint.  So there :)
Then I thought ok, I want a little more black to pop through.  So I did 3/4 glaze, 1/4 paint and voila, the rest of the table was born.  To add just a bit more to it, I did a dry brush on the whole table.
Distressed enough?
In case your worndering, I painted the inside too.
Then, remember how I said I liked the mod podge look of the mismatched doors?  I thought it would tie This in...

I found these beaded beauties at Hob Lob, but knew DH would NOT want them on HIS table, so he got the ahem (boring) normal pulls.

See?  Mismatched, so dont you think that just pulls it together?
Project one tackled for $25...Whats next?

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

I would venture to guess that today is one of the most blogged days.  Personally I'm proud of myself...I stayed mostly disconnected today.  But then the kids went to bed and I thought, I better join the ranks and post my own blog for the day!  So here goes.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I think as a present to all of you three that look, I will spare you my antics with words, and just post the pics...

Ocean eating his book

DH's GQ pose...with the liquor

I much prefer this pose

No I didn't put the kids in jail, just thought about it...

Ocean and Papa

This is just a great pic of Rain.

Mmmmm Cookies for breakfast, it MUST be Christmas.

I don't know exactly what this face is but ok...

Ohhhhh look it's the girl behind the camera!
My cute lil fam.

Happy Christmas to all of you.  May next year bring you many laughs, few tears, and great memories.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

It’s been a couple days no??  And I was on such a role.
Til DH got home.  That tends to happen.  
Anyway, we’ve been BUSY.  Tis the season right?  Season to shop, season to cook, to eat, to party, but most of all to spend time with family.  A couple of years ago, we got a “gift” in the form of a company transfer out of state, away from family.  Some of you are saying what kind of gift is that, that’s hell, others are saying wish that would happen to me, I need a good excuse to move away.  It was a gift because we really got to cement our little family and become a separate entity from our big families we came from.  We got to create some memories, and start some traditions that otherwise would not have been created.  I highly recommend moving away from your family for a bit. .  Ok, on to why I told you that anyway.
A couple years ago, what began as an innocent little family activity quickly got a dose of my and DH’s competitive edge and became the great Gingerbread Faceoff.  We posted pics on FaceBook, and had our friends vote on the best house.  That was three years ago.  
We’ve gotten bigger and better and smarter....and more COMPETITIVE!
The parameters were:
Houses and frosting provided
$10 max on decorations
We have to finish at the same time
No disclosing the teams til afterwards...
We took the kids to the Dollar Store(told you I love that place) and had a hay day...then came home and got to work.
For the record, royal icing is the best for this, and we doubled the sugar, but left the eggs per the recipe.  Then beat it til the frosting is stiff.  This has taken three years of RnD by the way.
So welcome welcome, come on in, grab a cuppa java, and a seat.  Get comfy and enjoy!
This is Nightmare Before Christmas...we had this ingenious idea to theme the house.  Wonder whose house this one was...

This one reminds me of a little cabin fit for Jos Jos...

Surprise surprise on this one!

Well if Rain is that one...guess who this one is hee hee.
  Where are the other Forces you ask?  Tornado was the team saboteur for each team, he just ate all the candy.  Ocean cheered from the sidelines...swing that is.
But after we posted pics to FB, I go back in the kitchen to find this...

"DH"  I yell disgustedly...nope that would be Rain...guess Tornado wasn't the only saboteur!
After the votes came in, and it was a close one, Swedish Fish Cabin won...DOH!  That makes three years in a row DH won.  I'm currently accepting applications for my creative team for next year :)
See my FB for more pics!
Thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day Eight...The Nutcracker Suite, BBoys Style

Hurricane, my lil golfin fool stopped short in front of a gargantuan screen tv at Best Buy last summer.  I mean I almost ran over him he stopped so fast and hard.  My first thought was, his FATHER has put him up to WAY I'm putting this monstrosity in my house ANYWHERE.  I quickly learned that he stopped not because of the TV but what was on it...good ol MJ's This is It DVD.  He. was. mesmerized.
DH and I took the opportunity to let him know about the legend he'd never get to experience.  But the seed was planted.  He started dancing everywhere.  One day I pulled up breakdance on you tube, and then I created a monster cuz he just wanted to watch.  Most kids would grow bored, not Hurricane man, he kept askin for more, THEN he started watching and REPEATING.
I got him into bboys in October.
Saturday, he had his first performance...I posted it on UTube... don't mind my editing...I a)didn't think you wanted to lay your head down to watch cuz I recorded it long ways I guess, and b) thought you might bore before the best part, his freestyle.  oh and c) have never used iMovie before, as is blatantly obvious in this vid...
Ok there's my disclaimer, here's my link....

The lil dude with the mad moves is mine...yup I'm a proud mama!

Aren't little kids the best, you can hear me laughin my butt off cuz they just not gettn it but that's the best part isn't it?
Hope that gave you a little holiday cheer!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day Seven...Earrings to Match

I'm working on a theme...something along the lines of Sales Rack I never really shop on Saturdays, but by the time I get to it to personalize it, it's usually Saturday!
Ok, so remember my dress from yesterday, I went to bed feeling like it just. wasn't. done.  Til I had an ingenious look for that one to pop up in the next little bit.  I know I said I'd get tut's up for the rosettes and the satin flowers, I will I will.  But in the mean time, I wanted to give you another idea...
I'm a silver girl.  Maybe it's the age, maybe its what I grew up with, I just couldn't tell ya.  But I definitely choose silver over gold most days.  Problem is, either I'm in the majority in my preference, or gold is making a comeback in a big way.  Whatever the case is, I've been hitting a yellow toned wall when it comes to jewelry shopping lately.  I am loving the big HUGE chandelier earrings that are about half as big as your head.  Their gaudy, and intricate, and all the girls on Jerseylicious wear them so they've gotta be cool right?  Not to mention, with my short hair these days, I can really show those babies off!
I've been looking....
and looking.... and
LOOKING!  They're all freakin gold!
So I broke down...
Look how pretty...see what I mean about intricate?  Ornate?  BUT GOLD!!!
Then I had an epiphany, I paint everything else why stop at jewelry.
Spray paint oh spray paint wherefore are thou spraypaint?
You got it....
Wow, spraypaint finally gives these gems their due respect hee hee.  Then, because I'm me, I lightly sprayed adhesive and then added turquoise glitter.  Then I broke out my jewelry glue and some cutesy jewels I found in my scrapbooking box.  Glued the "jewels" to the middle of each circle and....


Instant appeal to all my silver lovin comrades!
Just the possibility :)
See ya tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day SIx!!! Party Dress Glamified

Awww I'm so proud of myself!
Ok.  Remember yesterday I mentioned that I had a Christmas Party to go to today, and I was battling the age old "I have nothing to wear" fight?  K let me amend that to, I have nothing to wear with these fab boots I got from JUST FAB.  Sure, feed the addiction right?

I was at my favorite upscale french boutique... Jaque Penet (Penney's) and happened upon this little dress on the 70 off rack.
Cute right?  It was the color I wanted, but it was pretty boring.  Some would accessorize with a scarf but not me....
I thought why not try my hand at those little rosettes I LOVE!!!  So...

And because it's not totally an Ashleigh creation with out a little bling...
We got this!  With my bling in the middle.
Maybe I should apologize for these pics...all taken on my iPhone.
If I were cool, I'd retake some on my D60 but it's 11:46 PM and Ocean is in his bed crying so...

Ok onward...I laid em out on the top and they were ok...but really wanted something on the bottom...
So took half from the top and placed them on the bottom portion opposite side.  Still needed something.
Yeah those work.  If you haven't made these. EASY PEASY!  Tut to come!  Ahem notice the bling hee hee!
K Place, replace place n pin.  
Yup, I got what I was looking for, so out came the needle and thread.  I debated for a split second putting them on alligator clips for easy removal but decided that may be on the wee bit tacky side and just sewed them on.

This is the "lapel" part

And these are the bottom...not a good picture my gawsh!

Me, iPhone in hand, trying to get my Ashified Dress.  Not an easy feat.  but you get the idea!
Hope you like!  I did!
Tomorrow...tuts on the rosettes, the satin flowers, and my way cute earrings I made to complete the outfit!!
Stay tuned!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Operation Christmas Spirit Day Five...Coffee Filter Tree

Ok really, I'm usually fairly original.  Problem is, I have looked at too many fun things I've wanted to try my hand at.
Enter the naptime craft I worked on today...
First let me give credit where credit is due...inspiration for my craft today came from here.
Now that that little piece of housekeeping is out of the way, lemme show you what I did!
First off, I'm making a Coffee Filter Tree.  I happen to have a ahem few filters on hand.  Largely due to them a)being super cheap at Sams Club and b) not being used since I've been using the reuseable filter our new Grind and Brew came with.  But as for supplies, that's where I stopped.  I knew I wanted to attempt this project and so when I hit up my local Dollar Tree last week, I hooked it up with some styro forms...which I was excited about cuz I wasn't looking forward to getting them at Michaels.  But then I needed some inspiration for the base.  My inspiration used candle sticks, of which there were NONE at Dollar Tree.  NONE!  I had to get creative.  I ended up with mini glass vases, and some clear stone marble thingy's.  As for a topper, inspiration used a really cute orny, of which I had to improvise too.  I started out with a little glass angel I found at Dollar Tree, but then on my trip to Wally this morning I found an even better orny...for a BUCK!
While we're on wally...did you know they have the cutest color 2 foot pre lit trees!  I told the kids they'd have to wait to get room trees till next year so I could hit the sales, but at 8$ I got em all a tree...I'm sure we'll be posting that shortly!
Anyway, lets fast forward to naptime shall we?
Here was my $1 form, straight pins, and coffee dusted with silver spray paint cuz it's my new BFF.
I have to admit, this took a few tries.  I actually took the first three rows out cuz I didn't like the way we were going.
But basically I took three filters folded em in half, then fan folded them.  See here...
Now pinch at the bottom and pin to your form.  Some of them took two pins.  Now...and this is important...FLUFF.  Fluff now cuz if you wait til later you'll realize you've done TOO MUCH WORK!
So fluff.  Then repeat.  Just add till you get full enough.   Now take a second and set it down.  Are you even?  if not, crunch your paper here, fluff a little there.  Pin over here.  Whatever makes you happy!
When I hit the top, I took my $1 walmart find, turned it upside down and stuffed it INTO the styro.  Then I glued it with E6000.  Not my handy dandy hot glue...because it didn't work, in case your wondering.  E6000 worked well though...even though my thumb and forfinger are fused for all eternity :)  
While I was waiting for my glue to dry, I turned my attentions to my base.  What oh what was I going to do?  I needed a little sparkle.  For a moment I thought about how I could get a lone light bulb in there, but then I eyed my left over sparkle balls from my megaphone tree and the light popped on!  I mixed those with the marble rock thingy's and voila!  Still would like a light in there, but maybe next year.
K ya ready for the next to attach the tree to it's base...Enter a piece of white felt and my crazy glue again.  I pinned the felt to the bottom of my form, then glued the felt to the rim of my vase.  
For this...

I love the way it all turned out!  I thought about adding more filter poufs to the bottom but that would cover up my pretty base.
Dont you think that would make a nice centerpiece for a wedding reception too?  Just sayin...
K well stay tuned tomorrow...I have a Christmas Party to attend and am running into the age old dilemma...."I don't have anything to wear"  Wonder where I'll get inspired?
See ya!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Operation Christmas Spirit Day Four...Projects n PJ's

It's Sunday.  For most of us (well those with small children) it means a morning of chaos as you get everyone dressed, fed, beautified, unwrinkled, and smiled so you can go have a good day at church DAMN IT!  And listen to a wonderful sermon on how to be more Christlike all while wondering if your kids will show permanent damage from the harm you caused them this morning trying to get ready.
I love God.  I love what He has done for me.  I participate in Bible Study, small group and MOPS...but I draw the line at sunday mornings by myself.  So to make me feel better about it, I created Projects n PJ's.  Its a little something I do with the kiddos, some together time without the TV.  And because if you've ever really been into your project you know that mode you get into where you plum forget to get out of your PJ's (for three days) because you are so engrossed in your Project.  Hence Projects n PJ's.
Now that you know what it's what we did!
In playing around in  Centsational Girl
craft linky party, I happened upon this cutesy little project. (Note here, I looked at a ton that night and cant seem to find you inspirational if it was you, email me so I can give you credit!)

I have to admit, at first I was going to do this one on my own, til I tried to come up with a (useable) craft for PnP day.  Then I thought, this isn't too hard, I'll let the kids do it!!! So here we go...
Awww cute right?  Don't these children look the epitome of angelic cherubums?  How could you NOT take these well behaved children to church on Sunday morning??  Little do you know this pic was all Tornado's attention span could handle.  He was down shortly thereafter.
By the way, do you SEE that GLASS table top I'm calling a family dinner table?  Yeah I have big plans for that bad boy once the holidays are over...stay tuned.

Hurricane on the other hand did better than I thought.  Love the tongue dude!
So notice the way they're all lined up...I kept trying to explain they needed a little space between them.  He didn't get it.
Hurricane peeking in the bowl.  He wants to know where the marshmallows are.  That would be fun huh?  Once he found out there were no marshmallows he was off again.
But Hurricane just kept on going....
and going....
and GOING!  I don't think I've held his attention this long in...well... a really. long. time.
What was my little Ocean doing all this time?
Isn't he cute?  DH calls him my favorite, or my golden child, but how can you not love someone so happy!  With such an adoreable smile!  Love you bug!
Tornado wanted to jump in on the action again for 2.5 seconds!
All that hard work paid off....
Hurricane with his work...even though Tornado tried to snake in!
And Tornado with his work...well mommy's work but...

That's it for today!  Think I got the kiddos into the mood, and I'm there!  I'm lovin doing all these fun things!   Wait till you see what I have in store tomorrow!

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