Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My new campaign....

Did we go over the story where I scored on a MacBook because my dad couldn't be outdone by my mom and had to get a new Pro of his own after my mom brought one home? Well there's the story in a nutshell!
Now that I have brought you up to date, lemme move forward.
I love my Mac...I take it everywhere, including the Dr's office yesterday while I got boys shots. I took it on our long road trip and worked on my proofs the whole way through! It fits in my purse, so I (of course) took it on the plane a while ago, ok look, I sleep with the thing right by my side. I'm a little attached to it ok! Not only because of its sleek design and portability, and we won't EVEN go into its coolness quotient! It is SO MUCH better than a PC! It's faster, it's more user friendly, the graphics are amazing...very important for an Adobe girl. I just love it! PLUS, I don't have the program issues that I do on my desktop. No you need updates everytime you turn it on, no virus crap (I think this is the winning point cuz I melt down when I get a virus!) it's just wonderful!
So, I am such a convert, I think everyone should get a mac. Any time someone mentions problems with their PC; I adopt a somewhat annoying nasaly tone as I say "GET A MAC" think Ros on "Monsters". It's funny and because it is becoming a theme song for me, I've decided to start writing Apple and see if I can join the cool dude on the Mac commercial while he's talking to the lame guy. I was thinking something along the lines of twirling around in the background with butterfly wings singing GET A MAC? or maybe with the coolness quotient, we MAC people could dress up like the men (and women) in black and shoot down PC's "trust me" comments with a laser gun. Think mac will go for it?
I'll let you know when I get my call wink wink!
Just for kicks and giggles, here's the link for the new commercials!
Have fun!

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EmilyandJason said...

I had to get a MacBook for school and I love it!

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