Monday, November 9, 2009

Who says you need alcohol when sugar's around???

So my DH turned old recently.
As usual, I made him a special dinner. Usually this is just our family that enjoys dinner and cake, but this year we opened it up to my darling nieces (and their parents cuz we were being generous that day wink wink) anyway, the reason this is such a private affair is, well the last few years have been spent away, and usually it's a really special meal, and we are kinda homebodies and the list goes on. We usually get kids down early and crack a bottle of wine and enjoy ourselves. Its better than having to go to a restaurant and spend your b-day
with a room full of total strangers! THis is all in the comfort of our own house. I can get silly
after a glass, I can start losing clothes, as is often prone to happening with good food, good wine and just my baby and I.
Well, I'm getting off subject. Back to the story at hand. I cooked a good part of the day (yet another reason this is a private affair). Therefore, I forgot to start with the wine. By the time I got around to it, I was too tired and thought I should stay away from alcohol lest I should like to fall asleep at the table. So I abstained. I got dinner on, and it was gone without a hitch. If anyone left THAT table hungry, ITS THEIR OWN DANGED FAULT! We had Chicken Saltimbocca (baked! Recipe to come) and we had it's vegetarian counterpart (which will also be posted soon) we had yummy spaghetti with smoked gouda and peas and prociutto. It was a REALLY yummy dinner. It should have been done at that. But it's a birthday and they don't call those monstrous pastrys birthday cakes for nothing. So we had cake. Now I cheated on the cake, mainly because I'm learning to set boundaries for myself in my old age (my DH should be wiping tears of pride from his eyes! ) so I went to Sams and got a huge ol 7pound 3 ounce cake. I kid you not that was the weight listed on the box! So we had to pull it out.
So here is picture perfect proof that one does not need alcohol where a sugar high can be

This is my lovely Lily, who informed us that cream cheese frosting felt good on your lips, kinda soothing like Carmex but better cuz it tasted better.

While this is funny, it's funnier that she actually convinced some of us to try it as is evidenced here.....

Oh but
why stop at the kids, yours truly
needs a little of the limelight...
There you have it, proof positive that a sugar high can be as much fun if not more than an a buzz. Sure you go on a roller coaster then crash at the end. Sure you might get sick if you overindulge! But the only kind of hangover you will have to endure the next day is the sweet hangover of regret when thinking back to how many calories were consumed the night before in the quest for said sugar high!
Now where's that cake at anyway?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A new twist to an old classic

Tonight was my turn to cook.
I sure will miss living with my grandparents, no longer will I have a reason to cook a good meal, which means we will be reduced to Ramen and Kraft Mac until DH comes home. My kids will be begging him to come home by the end of this little rendezvous!
So it was my night. I am still "fasting" as I call it, so I have needed to get a little creative.
Tonight was a creative success!
I took an old classic, Balsamic and Thyme Feta Chicken and turned it upside down. The nice thing was, there was a break where I could merge the vegetarian and chicken version seamlessly!
So let me tell you about it!

First, what you need....(and if you know me I don't measure, it's more if it looks/tastes right sorta thing, so these are all loose measurements)
Balsamic Vinegar
EVOO olive oil for you non Rachel Ray watchers
(aren't these staples in most kitchens?)
chicken breasts I used about two pounds
extra firm tofu
salt and pepper to taste
frozen veggies if ya got em
feta cheese
cream cheese
juice of half a lemon
pasta....spaghetti or fettucine or linguine will work
So, this is where I broke the veggie, chicken part up (obviously) in a ziploc put about 2T EVOO and 2T balsamic in. Sprinkle thyme and rosemary in. Close the bag and mix it up. Then add your chicken or tofu. Stick in the fridge to marinate for a bit.
When your ready, heat a big skillet type pan to fairly hot, then add chicken (leave tofu in fridge) You want a nice crust, so don't turn it till it starts to turn white around the edges. Then flip over and cook for a few minutes more. Throw the chicken in a 250 oven to cook the rest of the way through.
Turn your burner to medium
Get your pasta going.
In the meantime, cook the liquids down a bit. Then sprinkle flour over and whisk together until you have a peanut butter consistency (why yes miss fancy pants I do believe this is a roux). Slowly whisk in milk. Keep an eye on this one...milk scorches and is not a good way to impress people! Any way keep stirring til you start to bubble and thicken. At that point add your veggies if you're using them. Turn heat down. If no veggies then on to our next step.
Take your pan off heat and put in feta (1/3 to 1/2c) and cream cheese (2oz) stir then put back on LOW heat.
Heat a small sauce pan add your tofu and get a nice crust on it kinda like you did with the chicken.
By this time Pasta should be ready, so drain it and toss with a bit of EVOO and some Salt and Pepper.
Check(not choke) your chicken make sure it's ready...juices run clear
Then assemble.
I put e/thing out on the table so everyone can dish up what they want. And your chicken and tofu don't have to touch. If your not picky, you could add the chicken to the sauce then just pick it out if your not eating it. Whatever works for you.
I served mine with my tried and true salad and an artisan spinach bread I found at the grocery store. IT was REALLY good!
So there you have it....a new (vegetarian) twist to an old family favorite. My family got to eat something they love and I didn't have to skimp for my dinner.
I think I will try this on some of my other dishes! I'll let you know how it goes!
Oh and for the record, tofu I've decided tastes like eggs. the nice thing is you can season it with anything and be fine. I used it in my thai peanut noodles this afternoon and seasoned it with s&p and chili powder!
Oh and I was FUUUUU-UUUUU-LLLLLL after half my bowl. SO that made me happy cuz I haven't felt that full content feeling for a while. I may have found a protein winner for me!

My new campaign....

Did we go over the story where I scored on a MacBook because my dad couldn't be outdone by my mom and had to get a new Pro of his own after my mom brought one home? Well there's the story in a nutshell!
Now that I have brought you up to date, lemme move forward.
I love my Mac...I take it everywhere, including the Dr's office yesterday while I got boys shots. I took it on our long road trip and worked on my proofs the whole way through! It fits in my purse, so I (of course) took it on the plane a while ago, ok look, I sleep with the thing right by my side. I'm a little attached to it ok! Not only because of its sleek design and portability, and we won't EVEN go into its coolness quotient! It is SO MUCH better than a PC! It's faster, it's more user friendly, the graphics are amazing...very important for an Adobe girl. I just love it! PLUS, I don't have the program issues that I do on my desktop. No you need updates everytime you turn it on, no virus crap (I think this is the winning point cuz I melt down when I get a virus!) it's just wonderful!
So, I am such a convert, I think everyone should get a mac. Any time someone mentions problems with their PC; I adopt a somewhat annoying nasaly tone as I say "GET A MAC" think Ros on "Monsters". It's funny and because it is becoming a theme song for me, I've decided to start writing Apple and see if I can join the cool dude on the Mac commercial while he's talking to the lame guy. I was thinking something along the lines of twirling around in the background with butterfly wings singing GET A MAC? or maybe with the coolness quotient, we MAC people could dress up like the men (and women) in black and shoot down PC's "trust me" comments with a laser gun. Think mac will go for it?
I'll let you know when I get my call wink wink!
Just for kicks and giggles, here's the link for the new commercials!
Have fun!

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