Tuesday, October 20, 2009

With days like this....

I have only just begun to realize that apparently I am a schedule orienter....ummm to a fault.
I thought anyone with kids my Forces age held to their schedule TO a FAULT, apparently I am wrong in my assumption.
Anyway, as you all know, we have been on a six month vacation. I know you're thinking, wow, how wonderful would that be, six months, on the beach (in a cottage, on the slopes, whatever your mind conjures when you say vacation) no worries, no real life.....blah blah blah. I challenge you to try said vacation for six months. You'll be ready for your home, your bed, your schedule (notice I said SCHEDULE) back. I mean I can't complain, I live with my best gma for heaven's sake! It's a nonstop party! BUT it has taken a toll on my kids, which means it's taken a toll on me! So my fuse is this short and my poor Forces take the brunt of said short fuse! I thought we were on a semblance of our schedule, but I was wrong.
As the sun has taken leave on our side of the world much earlier than usual, I have been getting the boys into bed at a "normal" time for us. I'll tell ya what....it's been worth it!
Today, they were absolute angels, AND they even took a nap at Gma's house, which NEVER happens without a HUGE fight!
I had so much fun with them today, doing nothing!
IT's days like this that I think we could add to the McMahon Clan...hope tomorrow doesn't serve me my gushing words of love and adoration in a HUMBLE PIE with a big dollop of "what was I saying" on top!

Oh, lemme post a pic of my angels.....

And I preface this by saying, Rain is not in here, not because she was on the black list today, but because she is at school for the week, therefore isn't here :(
Here's the first little angel...he's escaping(now that he knows how to walk, the kids' a runnin everywhere!
Dang that's a good pic...someone should frame it and hang it on their wall...which gets me to thinking...

Here's another good pic, I have to say, this was a great shot OOC (out of camera) for all you non picture obsessed folks. So I didn't do much to it, but it's so cute, wonder who the photog was...Oh yeah it was the Nikon D60...love that thing!

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