Friday, October 9, 2009

Why such an early bird?

I have been asked this question on many occasions....
Throughout my life I have varied on the choice bedtime...always pushing for later as a kid, seeing 6am as the end of a day rather than the beginning, sleeping two hours in between a crazy night and the next day at work, even studying all night then heading to class the next morning.
The difference always was then I didn't have kids. I could sleep blissfully unaware of the world at 12 noon and no one would care. How times have changed!
I now go to sleep when most people are sitting down to dinner, but I am also awake before the sun. I look back and think, in my younger days would I have been disgusted with myself? Truth is, that was my reality then, this is my reality now! We eat dinner with the geriatric crowd, read stories and do baths when others are barely thinking about what to do for the evening. Our day is finished as most are winding down...but the real reason I go to bed so early with my little forces of nature? Because those forces of nature are up before the rooster crows! Therefore so am I! So here we are, saying good morning world! We're ready to greet the day!
See you when you get up...LAZY BONES!

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