Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Looking for some great Fall photo ops?

Ever noticed that EVERYONE's a photographer these days? Well, I'm not the exception! I love taking pics...of EVERYTHING! My DH loves to tease that I set up the scrapbook page before the picture presents itself...so then I'm constantly coming up with these wacky schemes to get the pic to complete the page!
Needless to say, some of my favorite subjects are my forces of nature!
I want candid, nature shots. I like the outdoors, and the kids doing everyday things. That said, my disclaimer is that I can still enhance said portraits by "posing" them haha!
So here it is, the change of the seasons! Living in the midwest affords lots of change of seasons! (Here we have fall, winter, spring, and construction! Just kidding, but not really!) I love the return of fall because it means crisp days, the changing of the leaves, the opportunity to leave the bathing suit behind and finally eat a little! But before we get to the food, lets talk about the fest!
Gardner Village has always been a favorite haunt of mine, it's "estrogen city" as DH lovingly refers to it, but it's cute and quaint and bootique-y! They have a phenomenal Halloween celebration that lasts all month long! Wee witches weekend, Witches night out (for tha mommies) I mean it's a BLAST! crowded...but SO much fun. Did I mention good people watching? Haha!
So, I took the Forces there, to get in the spirit! The last time we had been it was just Rain and I, and there was hardly anyone there! Suffice it to say, times, they have a changed!
But even with the millions of mommies and kiddos (notice daddys aren't mentioned...thats because I only saw two and I'm pretty sure both of them were there against their will, or so they say) there were still places to get pics of the Forces!
Here you are for your eye candy feast!

And if you're looking for something to do with your little witches and wizards, take em out here! May I suggest, during the day, on a weekday, sans daddy, after nap! There's lots to do!
Oh, and bring cash, they have horse rides and pumpkin patch and some of that stuff but it's all cash based so be prepared...cuz I wasn't!

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Anonymous said...

It was fun to see you yesterday, even if it was only for an hour. Thanks for letting me know you guys were going. We should make Gardner Village an annual event.

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