Monday, October 26, 2009


You know those moments that shape your life as a kid? Those silly things your parents or some other elder said to you that you will remember forever, but they have long since forgotten?
Well one came flying to the forefront of my memory bin the other morning! Let me back up a teeny tiny bit...
We are getting ready to go to our old stomping grounds and visit my best B! To me, that means making beds, cleaning house, making sure the dishes are done, garbages are out, car is cleaned(since we will be living in it for EVER this weekend) and laundry done. Well, I pulled out and sorted it at the beginning of the week. I thought ok, this should be pretty easy, a couple loads, well like seven, but over the course of the week, that will be fine right?
I woke up Wednesday morning to this....

The damned ol laundry bred like rabbits! JUST LOOK at that pile! Does it ever end? I wonder if my family would go for moving to a nudist colony? Is it illegal or wasteful to throw clothes away after one wear...probably not very economical...dang. Run Tornado, it will eat you alive!
So here is where my memory bin (my overactive imagination) went OH OH OH! I wanna show you something, ran to the very far reaches of my memories and came SPRINTING back to the front with this little jewel!
We used to wake my mom up in the mornings,(at what I am now convinced was THE very crack of dawn just before the rooster crowed) by jumping on her water bed begging for cereal and cartoons. After she tried hitting the three kid snooze button at least four times, she finally would give up and just come pour or monster bowls of Cap'n Crunch and turn on the Sesame Street.... before promptly returning to the warm confines of her bed. Any way, once she had been able to wake up and get a cup of coffee into her, she would tell us that when we were moms and dads there would be robots that would be kept in the hall closet and when OUR kids woke up they would just go push the button and the robot would commence pouring cereal and flipping channels with pliers while simultaneously adjusting the rabbit ears(you know what I mean and your laughing your butt off right now!). I started imagining robots in the form of Rosie off the Jetsons in my hall closet, I wondered what I would name mine.
Fast forward 20 plus years and I am now wondering if that robot will be coming any time soon, and whether I can start setting MY children up for this wonderful invention, but if I have anything to do with it, theirs will do laundry!

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