Monday, October 26, 2009

When should we stop spelling things out?

We went on our LOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGG car ride this weekend! But the gold at the end of the road was very worth it...we got to see RnB and the chillens.
We have a tradition I guess you could call we have made this trek oh so many times. We stop halfway and eat lunch and play at the city park.
So we are pulling into town and Hurricane has had enough of his car seat, and this car ride, and the movies and he just wants out. (Understandably so, if I thought it were socially acceptable I'd probably act like that too) back to us driving through town feeling more and more like the Griswolds with each mile we add to the odometer. He's whining and DH starts saying Hurricane if you act like this we cant go to the P-A-R-K. Do you want to go to the P-A-R-K? Hurricane's fit comes to a screeching halt and he starts saying "What?" which is his way of buying time or making you repeat just to play with you. DH repeats it again and again. Hey it kept Hurricane busy for a second or two, til we could make it to said P-A-R-K.
We get out, enjoy lunch, run around the park, play in the leaves, play on the playground, basically "blow the stink off" as Papa Train would say. Yes there are ulterior motives on our part, but that is an entirely different post now then isn't it?
So we are walking back to the car and Hurricane is lagging behind mumbling something to himself. You can tell he's deep in thought.
Finally he comes running up and says "Dad, we go to the A-S-D-C?" Took us a minute but we finally got it....wonder if we have to S-T-O-P S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G T-H-I-N-G-S O-U-T ?


You know those moments that shape your life as a kid? Those silly things your parents or some other elder said to you that you will remember forever, but they have long since forgotten?
Well one came flying to the forefront of my memory bin the other morning! Let me back up a teeny tiny bit...
We are getting ready to go to our old stomping grounds and visit my best B! To me, that means making beds, cleaning house, making sure the dishes are done, garbages are out, car is cleaned(since we will be living in it for EVER this weekend) and laundry done. Well, I pulled out and sorted it at the beginning of the week. I thought ok, this should be pretty easy, a couple loads, well like seven, but over the course of the week, that will be fine right?
I woke up Wednesday morning to this....

The damned ol laundry bred like rabbits! JUST LOOK at that pile! Does it ever end? I wonder if my family would go for moving to a nudist colony? Is it illegal or wasteful to throw clothes away after one wear...probably not very economical...dang. Run Tornado, it will eat you alive!
So here is where my memory bin (my overactive imagination) went OH OH OH! I wanna show you something, ran to the very far reaches of my memories and came SPRINTING back to the front with this little jewel!
We used to wake my mom up in the mornings,(at what I am now convinced was THE very crack of dawn just before the rooster crowed) by jumping on her water bed begging for cereal and cartoons. After she tried hitting the three kid snooze button at least four times, she finally would give up and just come pour or monster bowls of Cap'n Crunch and turn on the Sesame Street.... before promptly returning to the warm confines of her bed. Any way, once she had been able to wake up and get a cup of coffee into her, she would tell us that when we were moms and dads there would be robots that would be kept in the hall closet and when OUR kids woke up they would just go push the button and the robot would commence pouring cereal and flipping channels with pliers while simultaneously adjusting the rabbit ears(you know what I mean and your laughing your butt off right now!). I started imagining robots in the form of Rosie off the Jetsons in my hall closet, I wondered what I would name mine.
Fast forward 20 plus years and I am now wondering if that robot will be coming any time soon, and whether I can start setting MY children up for this wonderful invention, but if I have anything to do with it, theirs will do laundry!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

With days like this....

I have only just begun to realize that apparently I am a schedule orienter....ummm to a fault.
I thought anyone with kids my Forces age held to their schedule TO a FAULT, apparently I am wrong in my assumption.
Anyway, as you all know, we have been on a six month vacation. I know you're thinking, wow, how wonderful would that be, six months, on the beach (in a cottage, on the slopes, whatever your mind conjures when you say vacation) no worries, no real life.....blah blah blah. I challenge you to try said vacation for six months. You'll be ready for your home, your bed, your schedule (notice I said SCHEDULE) back. I mean I can't complain, I live with my best gma for heaven's sake! It's a nonstop party! BUT it has taken a toll on my kids, which means it's taken a toll on me! So my fuse is this short and my poor Forces take the brunt of said short fuse! I thought we were on a semblance of our schedule, but I was wrong.
As the sun has taken leave on our side of the world much earlier than usual, I have been getting the boys into bed at a "normal" time for us. I'll tell ya's been worth it!
Today, they were absolute angels, AND they even took a nap at Gma's house, which NEVER happens without a HUGE fight!
I had so much fun with them today, doing nothing!
IT's days like this that I think we could add to the McMahon Clan...hope tomorrow doesn't serve me my gushing words of love and adoration in a HUMBLE PIE with a big dollop of "what was I saying" on top!

Oh, lemme post a pic of my angels.....

And I preface this by saying, Rain is not in here, not because she was on the black list today, but because she is at school for the week, therefore isn't here :(
Here's the first little angel...he's escaping(now that he knows how to walk, the kids' a runnin everywhere!
Dang that's a good pic...someone should frame it and hang it on their wall...which gets me to thinking...

Here's another good pic, I have to say, this was a great shot OOC (out of camera) for all you non picture obsessed folks. So I didn't do much to it, but it's so cute, wonder who the photog was...Oh yeah it was the Nikon that thing!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Looking for some great Fall photo ops?

Ever noticed that EVERYONE's a photographer these days? Well, I'm not the exception! I love taking pics...of EVERYTHING! My DH loves to tease that I set up the scrapbook page before the picture presents then I'm constantly coming up with these wacky schemes to get the pic to complete the page!
Needless to say, some of my favorite subjects are my forces of nature!
I want candid, nature shots. I like the outdoors, and the kids doing everyday things. That said, my disclaimer is that I can still enhance said portraits by "posing" them haha!
So here it is, the change of the seasons! Living in the midwest affords lots of change of seasons! (Here we have fall, winter, spring, and construction! Just kidding, but not really!) I love the return of fall because it means crisp days, the changing of the leaves, the opportunity to leave the bathing suit behind and finally eat a little! But before we get to the food, lets talk about the fest!
Gardner Village has always been a favorite haunt of mine, it's "estrogen city" as DH lovingly refers to it, but it's cute and quaint and bootique-y! They have a phenomenal Halloween celebration that lasts all month long! Wee witches weekend, Witches night out (for tha mommies) I mean it's a BLAST! crowded...but SO much fun. Did I mention good people watching? Haha!
So, I took the Forces there, to get in the spirit! The last time we had been it was just Rain and I, and there was hardly anyone there! Suffice it to say, times, they have a changed!
But even with the millions of mommies and kiddos (notice daddys aren't mentioned...thats because I only saw two and I'm pretty sure both of them were there against their will, or so they say) there were still places to get pics of the Forces!
Here you are for your eye candy feast!

And if you're looking for something to do with your little witches and wizards, take em out here! May I suggest, during the day, on a weekday, sans daddy, after nap! There's lots to do!
Oh, and bring cash, they have horse rides and pumpkin patch and some of that stuff but it's all cash based so be prepared...cuz I wasn't!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Things I never want to forget

If you are now, or have EVER been in the kid way, you know that there are things your children do that you are sure you will remember a lifetime.
The fact of the matter is, you forget as many as you remember! I remember in high school a teacher drilling into our heads, you never need to study your notes, just write em down. Writing them down anchors them in your brain and when called upon to remember them, your brain will somehow conjure what it needs to remember. So, ok I'll write it down...then one day I'll remember with a chuckle, and even if I don't I will now have digital record of it haha!
If you recall with Tornado, he and well, Hurricane too, but we're talking about Tornado this entry. Tornado would crawl on his hands and feet. He now has taken to walking, albeit late but...he won't crawl anymore.
Yesterday after church I caught him in a rare crawl mode...with shoes on his HANDS!!! I had semi-forgotten that he does this all the time. Most boys drive trucks around or dinos, not Tornado, he is "protecting" his paws by adding shoes to them. I don't know if this would be considered an impression or a DIGRESSION for our species, but ah well, it's cute no matter which way you look at it!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Why such an early bird?

I have been asked this question on many occasions....
Throughout my life I have varied on the choice bedtime...always pushing for later as a kid, seeing 6am as the end of a day rather than the beginning, sleeping two hours in between a crazy night and the next day at work, even studying all night then heading to class the next morning.
The difference always was then I didn't have kids. I could sleep blissfully unaware of the world at 12 noon and no one would care. How times have changed!
I now go to sleep when most people are sitting down to dinner, but I am also awake before the sun. I look back and think, in my younger days would I have been disgusted with myself? Truth is, that was my reality then, this is my reality now! We eat dinner with the geriatric crowd, read stories and do baths when others are barely thinking about what to do for the evening. Our day is finished as most are winding down...but the real reason I go to bed so early with my little forces of nature? Because those forces of nature are up before the rooster crows! Therefore so am I! So here we are, saying good morning world! We're ready to greet the day!
See you when you get up...LAZY BONES!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall is in the air, and I'm making a resolution!

Ok, so I know most of us don't make resolutions until the holidays are finished, and we are racked with remorse over how much we've spent, eaten, drank, whatever. So with strong resolve we come up with well intentioned plans to be "better" people than we were the year before.
I decided this morning, why wait till a new year? We are approaching a new season, isn't that enough newness to evoke some nostalgic well intentioned resolve? So today I'm resolving to blogging more than once a month!
So here's to me inviting you into my life more than once a month haha!
Now onto the blog for today!

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