Thursday, September 24, 2009

We're adding characters to our story!

So ya know we moved back to range with family this summer. It's been fun and interesting, and well an adjustment! But we have really enjoyed reaquanting ourselves with everyone. The part I've enjoyed the most is:
1) My grandma and I have been able to re-find our relationship! Gram and I have always shared a special bond, in fact it seemed like most if not all my summers have memories of Gram at the forefront. As anyone with kids and family knows, those relationships that seem to take up so much of your life at one time slowly get pushed to a back burner to make room for newer relationships. In my case, my relationship with DH and the Forces of Nature. I have greatly missed the fun things I used to do with Gram, and this summer I have been able to rediscover some of the fun we've had. I have also been able to settle into long talks with her just as a summer day settles into a lazy afternoon...effortlessly and with great satisfaction!
2) My nieces! Aunti and Unca moved to the island early in their family beginnings and moved back to the mainland about the time we up and moved away! This summer, I have gotten to know my three cousins, that I call my nieces, cuz well, lets face it, I could be their aunti! They have become such a part of life, that not too long ago I realized they were inevitably going to have to become a part of my blog! Which means I had to rename them! They are all my sweet flowers, so they got floral names! SO without much ado, let me introduce you to my sweet Flowers!
Lily- lily is named aptly so because she is a beautiful, fragrant flower that comes back each year more gorgeous and fragrant than the last!
Daisy- Daisy is fearless and fun. She is strong, even if you mow her down with a weedwacker, she always finds a way back!
Bleeding Heart- Bleeding hearts thrive in the shade of other flowers. They take what they need to flourish, but they do so quietly. But make no mistake, while they are gentle beauties, they are SURVIVORS!!!
I will get pics posted soon, but wanted to introduce you to the newest characters!
Loves to you all!

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