Saturday, August 15, 2009

Intelligent convo with the two year old, AKA putting off bedtime

SO DH's turn to put Hurricane to sleep tonight. We have company and the girls are over tonight, so DH definitely had his work cut out for him!
Forty five minutes after DH had disappeared with Hurricane, he reappears to share this funny story with us!
H: I wan my capan
DH: when we get our house capan will be with us all the time buddy
H: our howse?
DH: yeah mommy n daddy are looking for a house for us. Hurricane and Tornado and Rain will have a room
H: an capan?
DH: yes and capan too.
H: mommy and daddy have room?
DH: yep mom n dad will have a room too.
H: Oh (the wheels turn and turn)
H: (then the light turns on) YOU GO AT THE HOWSE STORE??
I love that boy of mine!!!

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