Sunday, August 23, 2009

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Intelligent convo with the two year old, AKA putting off bedtime

SO DH's turn to put Hurricane to sleep tonight. We have company and the girls are over tonight, so DH definitely had his work cut out for him!
Forty five minutes after DH had disappeared with Hurricane, he reappears to share this funny story with us!
H: I wan my capan
DH: when we get our house capan will be with us all the time buddy
H: our howse?
DH: yeah mommy n daddy are looking for a house for us. Hurricane and Tornado and Rain will have a room
H: an capan?
DH: yes and capan too.
H: mommy and daddy have room?
DH: yep mom n dad will have a room too.
H: Oh (the wheels turn and turn)
H: (then the light turns on) YOU GO AT THE HOWSE STORE??
I love that boy of mine!!!

When does it become taboo??

So I am writing two things is the first antic of the evening!

A couple days ago, I took the boys to the park to play. It was a good day, and we had taken a walk thru the cemetary. It was kinda the long way around, probably a mile and a half round trip. Anyway, so we are sitting beneath the shade trees, watching Hurricane play around and I'm laughing at Tornado discover rocks and sticks and what dirt he can find beneath the plush grass. Keep in mind little Tornado is battling a cold and so he has a runny nose, crusted boogies, snot across his cheek mixed with a little dirt, yep he looked homeless.
So I start feeling bad for the kid thinking about what a horrible mom I am I don't even clean the booger crust from his poor little nose, so what do I do right got it, start working on his nose. Nope didn't like that one. So I let it be, let him enjoy his boyness in full glory right? I focus my attentions to Hurricane as he climbs up the highest slide and STANDS at the top. I'm doing quick calculations as to just how far the top of that slide is to the woodchips below. Wondering what kind of damage will inflict itself upon my child should he superman of the top of said slide. He sits down like a normal person and slides down, so I look lovingly at my homeless child and notice that he is now got aforementioned crusty booger stuck on his pointer finger and is sticking it in his mouth only to stick his tongue out, retreive nasty thing and put it back into his mouth!
So my question to you is this...when does it become taboo to pick your nose and eat it too??!!
Thought you all needed a laugh for the day!

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