Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our newest arrivals!

Ahhhh one thing I will really miss about where we live is the nature part! It is so wonderful and RELAXING to have the theme song of your day to day life be the sounds of bird songs and crickets chirping!
So anyway, Rain and I decided this spring that some birds MUST have their nest up in our gables, cuz they are always around....a little bluebird or robin...its blue anyway! I keep meaning to take pics of the bird, cuz he visits me every morning!
Well, our neighbor and Rain went searching out the elusive birds nest and found it in the cover to our propane tank. I couldn't help it....I needed PICTURES!!!!

Isn't that COOL!!! They are so pretty! Well, after my nosy little self spent 55 years taking pictures...mama and daddy wouldn't go to the nest. I started to get worried that they had abandoned the nest as not safe, and I was really dreading having to tell Rain we killed the eggs cuz we (I) were (was) nosy!
Fast forward to a couple of days ago. I started seeing daddy going into the nest! So I went over and put my ear to the tank to see if I could hear little chirps, nope nope nope...well if you know me you know my middle name is NOT Job! So I couldn't stand it ANYMORE! I had to open the lid....guess what I saw???!!!

They have got to be brand new cuz they were just sleeping, and as you can see they're kinda bald except the blue feathers on their little heads! I'll keep you posted when I start to hear the chirping I'll take more pics! AS for mama bird and daddy bird, they keep a close eye on us but I think they know we mean them no harm! So thanks birdie parents for enduring my neverending search for a photo op!

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