Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our new WHEELS!

You know those little Bean cars??? You know the ones? They're red with yellow tops. They now come in the shopping cart preference at your local grocery store...they look like the cars that that Bean guy drove on the British Comedy know the one that came on PBS at odd hours!
R & B have one of these little cars, and Hurricane has taken to it since, well, day one that we have gone over there! He plays in it everytime we're there, which is alot because, well we live three doors down and really should just connect our houses as it would make more sense!
Since last summer, B has tried to pawn said Bean car off to us. We have conveniently managed to slide out of it...that kids does NOT need ONE MORE TOY! (are you listening gma and papa??)
Well, we went over today, and as we were leaving, Bean car was looming in our path. We were not leaving til Bean came with us. So Hurricane crawled in. Mind you, we WALKED down, with Tornado in the stroller, on our GRAVEL road. We live THREE doors down.
It took us TWENTY minutes to get home! Five feet at a time! I'd push TT, then go back and push Hurricane, then TT then Hurricane....all the while Cap following us with the loopy look dogs have mastered!
We MUST have been a site!
Now notice what is in the car with him...yes those would be golf clubs! I think we are on set 35 by now of "garbage golf clubs" (thanks DH for that classification!) Daddy has finally broken down and is now looking for a set of Real clubs for the kid!
So we get home, and Hurricane enjoys the simplicity of our neighbors paved driveway. I then tell him its time to come in, we need to have lunch. I take TT inside, and start to making lunch.
A few minutes pass and I head out to get Hurricane.
"Buddy, lunch is ready, lets wash up"
No answer
Still no answer
I go around to the side of the truck to this:
Guess we have to park the car before we can go in and eat huh?
Anyway, B, watch out I will be sneaking this back to your house somehow! But thanks for the fun it's brought today!

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Duston said...

What a great story!

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