Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Names are changed to protect the innocent

Hi guys, well, after two years of writing, and keeping myself unsearchable, in the interest of family privacy, I am going to allow my self to be searchable...mainly b/c I have been asked by several friends who have tried looking at my blog but can never find it!
Before I could do that however, I had change all of our names...this thanks to my ever concerned MIL that brought to my attention that wacko's could get info about my family and do some damage if they wanted. After waking up many nights in a cold sweat (j/k mom) I changed our names through out our blog!
In figuring out what to rename my lovely's I thought long and hard...I could use funky names like Fester or Sigmund...or maybe nicknames? Nah....something better! Then it came to me! Children are like forces of nature. Unmeasurable, uncertain, sometimes beautiful, other times frightening, but always to be respected and always to be now my children are:
Perfect....lets publicize!
Thanks guys!
Oh, and a ps my hubby is now just DH!

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Duston said...

Well, I just found your blog and I am excited to follow!

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