Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Its a plane, its a train its a.....

Oh that one of mine! When a momma looks back to all the ages, trying to decide which age she loves best, I would venture to guess, this time is a favorite among mommys! Kids are learning and discovering. There are huge milestones as far as speaking, potty training, big kid beds, preschool! There is a ton. But I have come to really enjoy my conversations with my little boy!
The latest was as follows:
Well first off, lemme back up a bit! I have decided that the foyer(pronounced foy-yay, thank you very much DH!!) in our new house will be decorated in crosses! I have also asked for a table (with legs...again for you DH!) to go in said foyer. On this lovely table, which will once a year hold my Christmas and Halloween villages (not at the same time mind you) I would like to have a photo book of religious icons in America. Right now I reside within close proximity a mecca of mission style churches! So I have dragged my family on more than one road trip in search of these wonderful landmarks! This past weekend was no exception! We loaded kids in the car and headed south to a few towns with more old churches in them! As we were driving in one particular town, there was an accident in the middle of the street (it was, after all MEMORIAL DAY!!! LOTS of traffic EVERYWHERE!) What comes with accidents, like 5000 cops and a few other emergency personnel...ambulance, all that fun stuff!
So I'm trying to get the attention of aforementioned middle child, and I say, "Look lil man! Police car"
Of course this gets his attention... doesn't it get all little boys' attention? and as we pass, he says to me,
"Mom! Look! a FIREBUS!"
Now who is going to correct that??? Not I says the mommy relishing in her childs "isms"
Till next time!

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