Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A conversation with my son

We have taken to doing puzzles before bed time. Hurricane knows the routine (finally) and he knows there are two puzzles in particular that we do.
So that time comes this evening, and we sit down to do our puzzles.
Our first one was the transportation puzzle, which consists of trucks, trains, a car...that kinda thing.
Anyway, we go thru our typical conversation of wanting to drive particular vehicles...the big red truck (we may have to talk some very generous family into a field trip to their yard when we get back) the garbage truck (I'll have to talk him out of that one)....onto our next puzzle which is flying things.
Usually he is fascinated by the hot air balloon on this one but not tonight.
"Mama...wat dis one?" says a very pensive Hurricane
"That's a helicopter goes right here" me pointing to the space on the puzzle where that piece fits.
Pause.... " heh-wa-caw-wa?" Hurricane trying to wrap his tongue around such a big word.
"Good job buddy! A helicopter" Me slowing down this time so he can really hear the way its pronounced.
"Mama...Hurricane dwive heh-wa-caw-wa." Please note that the word gets quieter with each syllable so by the time we get to the "wa" its a whisper.
"So you want to be a pilot Hurricane?" I say.
"No." he says dismissively..."Hurricane dwive heh-wa-caw-wa with mom"
"Well the person that drives the helicopter (enuncating every syllable) is called a pilot."
"No. Hurricane dwive heh-wa-caw-wa uppa dere (pointing up) uppa awr uh mom" (Hurricane drive helicopter up there, up in the air with mom)
"So you want to be a pilot buddy?"
"You wanna drive the helicopter?"
Well alrighty then, glad we settled that one!
Stay tuned for the next mind boggling convo with a two year old!

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