Tuesday, March 10, 2009

With imagination....

WOW!!!! Two posts in a 24 hour period??? I MUST be on a roll! No, I made my blog one of my homepages, so I think now I will be more conscious of posting! Heck it works for facebook, I set that as my home page, and I'm on it ALL THE TIME!!!
Anyway....onto the post!
Today after lunch, Rain was spinning around the area rug....for a long time! I thought surely she should be getting dizzy by now. Curiousity got the better of me, and this was how the convo went...

me: (knowing they were playing horsey's before lunch) Hey horsey, whatcha doin?
Rain: (Not stopping her spinning) Twirling.
Me: I thought you were playing horseys?
Rain: We are (still spinning)
Me: I've never known that a horse could twirl.
Rain: Mom, with imagination, anything can happen.

I love that little girl of mine!

Notice we're still in jammies...I love homeschool!

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McCabemadness said...

Not only did you get two posts in today but you also scrap booked a page! Oh and Sean was gone today... did you duct tape your doors shut! :)

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