Monday, March 9, 2009

TT channels Marv and the Great Escape Artist strikes YET AGAIN!!!

We have this friend we all know and love!!! Good ol MARVIN S. Marv is also known as Biggun, 747, and my name for him TK after Toby Keith! He totally looks like Toby Keith to me! Do you see the resembelance or am I that crazy??
Any whoooo....Marv is hilarious! He's the guy in the crowd that will sit back at the party and mix in, but when given the stage, he hops up, steals the stage and DOES NOT GIVE IT BACK til READY!!! TT was channeling Marv! He was eating and started doing this thing where he would pull a face and breath heavily in and out of his mouth while baring his oh so scary (4) teeth! We were crackin here's the clip!
So then, once he saw we were paying attention and taping it, once we stopped, I couldn't get him to stop doing it! Once the kid had the stage, he was gonna live it up like his ol uncle Marv!
Needless to say, afterwards, we were both sprayed head to toe in sweet potatoes...or whatever he was eating...I know it was orange! Very stainable!

Onto the great escape artist....
If you know us, you know that Hurricane would live outside if he could. From sun up to sun down that one wants to be outside. I know you're thinking...where's the problem in that??? I'll tell you what the problem is...well, let me show you!

Yes, do you see the problems posed for a two year old little boy? This is last year, but LOOK!!! IT's a mud bog! And past the red truck, yep, that's water! No fence, mud bog, busy street, water....oh this is so a recipe for disaster!
Well, Sean was out of town last week, and first thing Hurricane says to me when he wakes up is ..."ONT Hurricane-y dolf OWTside"...translation? I want Hurricane-y (yes everything is in third person) to golf outside. So of course I say "no buddy, the suns not even up yet...lets wait k?" I go in my room to do something and guess who is out the shorts, no shirt, and bare feet! Attempt number one.
7.30am, B has just dropped Jack Jack off for the day, I'm changing TT's diaper and hear the front door the time I get to him, he's almost to the street, barefoot, on gravel. Attempt number two!
So I relent and tell him, once I get the babies down for nap, I will take him outside to "play dolf" "Oh-tay" he says. I'm warming up food and I hear the laundry room door shut. I laugh to myself thinking I'm really smart cuz the garage door is shut, he can't get too far...until I go check on him...garage door has been opened, and Hurricane is working on his water hazard shots in a puddle on the side of the house.
Fast forward to the afternoon after nap... I'm in working on school with Rain, when I hear the door open and shut. Hmmmm I say to my self, DH isn't due back yet... Maybe it's B stopping by...nope, just Hurricane out playing golf! Didn't even know he was up from his nap and somehow he ended up outside!
By this time I'm calculating hours til bedtime! This has got to stop! I call Sean and tell him it is a NECCESITY! We NEED CHILD LOCKS ZAYN CAN"T GET OPEN! (Yes we have some, no, they are not Zayn proof!)
I go through the house, I LOCK the garage door opener, I lock the screen door to the back door, and I deadbolt the front door, knowing he can reach it, but it least it will buy me 5 seconds! Then I set to making dinner. I'm zippin along, hummin a little tune, wearing TT in the Moby, showing him the ins and outs of being a sous chef, enjoying the peace and quiet....PEACE AND QUIET!!!! Rain's on the couch playing, so I head towards the kids rooms, no Hurricane, I know he didn't go out the front or back doors, and he can't have gotten far in the garage....or so I thought! That little buggar figured out how to unlock the garage door, open it, and went out on a leisurely bike ride to the busy road!!!!
For those of you that lost count, that was five successful escapes in one day, and that isn't even telling you how many times I caught him before the door, or the one time the neighbor brought him back!
I'm now taking donations for a fence!
Love to all!

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McCabemadness said...

Oh Boy! You are in trouble! He is out smarting you already and he is only 2. Just think when he is wanting out for the girls and not for golf... you are in big time trouble! :)

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