Monday, March 30, 2009

The new adventures of old Bisquick

Hurricane THOMAS!!!!
I was sewing the other day...I got a new toy, I've taken every opportunity to use it! Anyway, I was sitting there at the table (as I just am not cool enough to have a craft room yet) and Hurricane goes into the pantry and closes the door.
I chuckle to myself because heeeeheee....the stool isn't in the pantry and all the candy is far enough up that he can't get to it. I continue to sew away, relishing in my undivided attentions for just a few minutes longer. I'm thinking, if anything, we are going to have potatoes with bites taken out of them right? There's nothing else he can get into...right? RIGHT? WRONG!
I look over and there is FLOUR or something like flour SPILLING out from underneath the door of the pantry!
HurricaneTHOMAS! I scream! (and then reach for the camera)
I snap open the door to this...
Tell me its not hilarious he has his hands down his pants! Such a boy...anyway...I was trying to get mad (and snap pics at the same time) and, well, I couldn't....not that I had much help from my DH! He was bustin a gut in the bedroom! Ahh well. I made HIM clean it up...not that that was much help...the vaccuum still expells Bisquick Mix EVERY time I turn it on!



stephrojas said...

Hey Ashleigh...I'm glad "you have a vacuum!" Do you remember that from when we were kids?! It still makes me laugh!!! Too cute!

McCabemadness said...

Oh I love him so much!!!! You just can't help but laugh at everything he does, how could you ever punish that child!

lunarmoosetracks said...

OM gosh that is too funny. I love it. Better your floor than mine though!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh Ash!! Good thing he's so cute.

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