Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our First day of Homeschool!

Well, we made it through the first day...per se.
I had decided, based on what the boards had to say, that we would take a week to de-school and chill out. But, well today is a historic one, and I do have other powers to answer to, so we jumped right in.
Today, we took advantage of the Inauguration to do a mini unit study on it. I had printed off some stuff about the new Pres, and away we went! We learned that he was born in HNL and then lived in Indonesia from 6-10 b/c his mom was an Anthropologist. We learned his dad was from a small village in Kenya and that his parents met at college in Hawaii. We also learned his mom died of cancer.
She had to write her own oath of office and inauguration speech. Both were quite interesting! I was amazed at how in touch she is with what's going on...
We then had a map of a parade route and she was asked to point things out on the route, what street it followed, where did it turn due west, what is the Mall, and what two national monuments does it stand between. I was really impressed with how well she reads a map! She was better at it then I was!
We listened to Pres. Obama taking his oath, and his address, then we discussed it!
For art, she made a "yes we can" can....we took an old soup can, and she measured a piece of paper to that size then decorated that can. She will use it to put coins into and when she fills it up, we will donate that money to a non-profit organization in the area. She is thinking either the Animal Rescue or the Teen Pregnancy center in town. idea came from http://crafts.kaboose.com/yes-we-can-can.html
For math...we made a cake...she had to use her division and multiplying. Then we took skittles and did some manipulatives for division and multiplication. I was excited about how quickly she picked up the concepts with the visual there. It has definitely cemented my decision to change the math curriculum to something more visual!!Notice the green skittles...that would be Hurricane's contribution!!!
We used sugar that I had tinted red and blue...the "stars" are raisenets, and of course our skittles!
All in all, I have been excited about the way things went today. Our schedule might need a little tweaking, but she is so excited to learn again...and that makes me excited!


melonamc said...

Wow. So impressed! Hope things continue to go well for you in the homeschooling dept. It is definately a challenge!

McCabemadness said...

I'm proud of you!!! You are doing the right thing for you guys!

Todd and Amy Dickerson Family said...

I am so impressed. I think if I tried to home school me and my kids would hate each other. I need to learn patience from YOU! You are such a wonderful mommy and a good example to me!
Enjoy every moment of those little kids. Soon they'll be older like mine and won't want anything to do with you! ;) amy

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