Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New's to not killing the kids!

We had been couped up in the house for like four days or longer. Well, the sun peeked its weary head through the thick mass of clouds last Saturday morning, and we decided we'd better get the kids out while we could! What better way to burn off some energy than by finding the biggest hill we could, and sending them down it at mock ten in a dopey sled with nothing in the way of steering mechanisms. Hey, they'll have to trudge through snow, and walk back up the hill, we will definitely see nap time after this little outing right???
All started out calmly enough! Rain couldn't wait to get sledding down that much so, she forgot to swipe her hair back as she put on her is evidenced here....

Then we have little Hurricane...we sent him down a mini hill a few times, he seemed to handle it....

So why not send em both down the big hill....
There they go....look at their happy little faces!

It worked so well the first time, lets go a second time.
Apparently we tempted fate with the second time idea!
I set the kids up, pushed them off, and watched them go...half way down the hill, they took a SHARP left (kinda like dad's golf swing) and BAM.....smacked into a tree!

So, yeah it hurt, and yeah it was sad, and I (we) were really concerned for them. But I couldn't resist. I HAD to take pictures!

C'mon! Great scrap pages...I had the layouts in mind before we got to the truck! And one day, the kids will look back and laugh! Though Laurenne doesn't think so! She won't even talk about it, and was quite ticked I wanted to take pics of her in pain! Hence the oh so beautiful face she is pulling!
Oh well, til the next "scrape" have a good one and Happy New Year!


LeAnn and Kids said...

Ouch!! That had to hurt. Tonight on the news there was 5 people that got hurt sledding. A little girl had to have surgery for a skull fracture. Scary! At least it was a good laugh and some fun. btw here is my blog that I just started.

Todd and Amy Dickerson Family said...

Just when I whining about the snow here I look at your blog and there's so much more in Colorado!!! Looks like you guys are making the most of it! I love your pics . . . you're a natural photographer!

McCabemadness said...

What kind of mom would turn her injured kids into photo ops :) Only Ashleigh! Love your pictures

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