Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mmm Hmm.

Where oh where do I start?
Surprise number two was found out in Daytona earlier this year. We are pretty calm people, and it's not World War III at our house so we just took it in stride that God hadn't closed our family circle quite yet.
From day one I have said this baby is a girl. My pregnancy has been different, I've felt it's a girl, the Chinese Birth Chart said it, for heavens sake. So when we moved into our new house, I painted all the bedrooms including the nursery. Then for Christmas, baby got three new very cute very frilly outfits!
Today we had our ultra sound.
Our tech...Philip, we love him....knew within the first five minutes the sex of the baby!

Thats right! He confirmed that Evening Snow was on her merry little way!

He was a great tech, explaining things to us and why we looked at things like stomach, kidneys and bladder. Really filling my mother in law in, and helping us feel a little more knowledgable as well. Then he got quiet. At first I didn't notice it, but then it became blatantly apparent. He says let me make sure, and I'm secretly laughing saying right I have twins in there, now that I've gotten over the hump of wanting twins so bad I can taste it. This was the first pregnancy I haven't even entertained that fantasy! No, no no nothing that dramatic...just that Eve stretched out and opened her little legs a little further and Evening Snow is....well, she's a......

I thought he was kidding at first. I said no, surely you are lying to me. I have this childs name chosen, I have PAINTED THE ROOM!!! Tech Philip spent the next 20 minutes MAKING sure that this child was a......

Well what do you do? I can't very well return him! Guess I'll have to repaint his room and send his tutus back for jerseys.
I am currently in the market for a good, solid, creative boys name.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Arghh me mateys!

I know Christmas just passed, and I know I haven't been on for a bit, so you are eagerly anticipating pics of the new place, and the kids, and the holidays. Trust me they are to come!
I was playing around yesterday and found a site that I just laughed out loud at. Let me back up a bit.
My parents have become pirates.
How is that possible for an inlander (not to confused with islander) you ask? Well, they got a new boat a few years ago, then the license plates changed, then the decor changed then they went to Key West and met some "real" pirates...and next thing you know, the house has been decorated like a pirate ship, and the logos for the business have changed.
So, I'm goofing around yesterday and find this site....so to all those wannabe pirates, you need a name first, heres some help finding one!
Enjoy and post your pirate names for me!
Loves to all you land lubbers!
Black Anne Kidd!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Who says you need alcohol when sugar's around???

So my DH turned old recently.
As usual, I made him a special dinner. Usually this is just our family that enjoys dinner and cake, but this year we opened it up to my darling nieces (and their parents cuz we were being generous that day wink wink) anyway, the reason this is such a private affair is, well the last few years have been spent away, and usually it's a really special meal, and we are kinda homebodies and the list goes on. We usually get kids down early and crack a bottle of wine and enjoy ourselves. Its better than having to go to a restaurant and spend your b-day
with a room full of total strangers! THis is all in the comfort of our own house. I can get silly
after a glass, I can start losing clothes, as is often prone to happening with good food, good wine and just my baby and I.
Well, I'm getting off subject. Back to the story at hand. I cooked a good part of the day (yet another reason this is a private affair). Therefore, I forgot to start with the wine. By the time I got around to it, I was too tired and thought I should stay away from alcohol lest I should like to fall asleep at the table. So I abstained. I got dinner on, and it was gone without a hitch. If anyone left THAT table hungry, ITS THEIR OWN DANGED FAULT! We had Chicken Saltimbocca (baked! Recipe to come) and we had it's vegetarian counterpart (which will also be posted soon) we had yummy spaghetti with smoked gouda and peas and prociutto. It was a REALLY yummy dinner. It should have been done at that. But it's a birthday and they don't call those monstrous pastrys birthday cakes for nothing. So we had cake. Now I cheated on the cake, mainly because I'm learning to set boundaries for myself in my old age (my DH should be wiping tears of pride from his eyes! ) so I went to Sams and got a huge ol 7pound 3 ounce cake. I kid you not that was the weight listed on the box! So we had to pull it out.
So here is picture perfect proof that one does not need alcohol where a sugar high can be

This is my lovely Lily, who informed us that cream cheese frosting felt good on your lips, kinda soothing like Carmex but better cuz it tasted better.

While this is funny, it's funnier that she actually convinced some of us to try it as is evidenced here.....

Oh but
why stop at the kids, yours truly
needs a little of the limelight...
There you have it, proof positive that a sugar high can be as much fun if not more than an a buzz. Sure you go on a roller coaster then crash at the end. Sure you might get sick if you overindulge! But the only kind of hangover you will have to endure the next day is the sweet hangover of regret when thinking back to how many calories were consumed the night before in the quest for said sugar high!
Now where's that cake at anyway?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A new twist to an old classic

Tonight was my turn to cook.
I sure will miss living with my grandparents, no longer will I have a reason to cook a good meal, which means we will be reduced to Ramen and Kraft Mac until DH comes home. My kids will be begging him to come home by the end of this little rendezvous!
So it was my night. I am still "fasting" as I call it, so I have needed to get a little creative.
Tonight was a creative success!
I took an old classic, Balsamic and Thyme Feta Chicken and turned it upside down. The nice thing was, there was a break where I could merge the vegetarian and chicken version seamlessly!
So let me tell you about it!

First, what you need....(and if you know me I don't measure, it's more if it looks/tastes right sorta thing, so these are all loose measurements)
Balsamic Vinegar
EVOO olive oil for you non Rachel Ray watchers
(aren't these staples in most kitchens?)
chicken breasts I used about two pounds
extra firm tofu
salt and pepper to taste
frozen veggies if ya got em
feta cheese
cream cheese
juice of half a lemon
pasta....spaghetti or fettucine or linguine will work
So, this is where I broke the veggie, chicken part up (obviously) in a ziploc put about 2T EVOO and 2T balsamic in. Sprinkle thyme and rosemary in. Close the bag and mix it up. Then add your chicken or tofu. Stick in the fridge to marinate for a bit.
When your ready, heat a big skillet type pan to fairly hot, then add chicken (leave tofu in fridge) You want a nice crust, so don't turn it till it starts to turn white around the edges. Then flip over and cook for a few minutes more. Throw the chicken in a 250 oven to cook the rest of the way through.
Turn your burner to medium
Get your pasta going.
In the meantime, cook the liquids down a bit. Then sprinkle flour over and whisk together until you have a peanut butter consistency (why yes miss fancy pants I do believe this is a roux). Slowly whisk in milk. Keep an eye on this one...milk scorches and is not a good way to impress people! Any way keep stirring til you start to bubble and thicken. At that point add your veggies if you're using them. Turn heat down. If no veggies then on to our next step.
Take your pan off heat and put in feta (1/3 to 1/2c) and cream cheese (2oz) stir then put back on LOW heat.
Heat a small sauce pan add your tofu and get a nice crust on it kinda like you did with the chicken.
By this time Pasta should be ready, so drain it and toss with a bit of EVOO and some Salt and Pepper.
Check(not choke) your chicken make sure it's ready...juices run clear
Then assemble.
I put e/thing out on the table so everyone can dish up what they want. And your chicken and tofu don't have to touch. If your not picky, you could add the chicken to the sauce then just pick it out if your not eating it. Whatever works for you.
I served mine with my tried and true salad and an artisan spinach bread I found at the grocery store. IT was REALLY good!
So there you have it....a new (vegetarian) twist to an old family favorite. My family got to eat something they love and I didn't have to skimp for my dinner.
I think I will try this on some of my other dishes! I'll let you know how it goes!
Oh and for the record, tofu I've decided tastes like eggs. the nice thing is you can season it with anything and be fine. I used it in my thai peanut noodles this afternoon and seasoned it with s&p and chili powder!
Oh and I was FUUUUU-UUUUU-LLLLLL after half my bowl. SO that made me happy cuz I haven't felt that full content feeling for a while. I may have found a protein winner for me!

My new campaign....

Did we go over the story where I scored on a MacBook because my dad couldn't be outdone by my mom and had to get a new Pro of his own after my mom brought one home? Well there's the story in a nutshell!
Now that I have brought you up to date, lemme move forward.
I love my Mac...I take it everywhere, including the Dr's office yesterday while I got boys shots. I took it on our long road trip and worked on my proofs the whole way through! It fits in my purse, so I (of course) took it on the plane a while ago, ok look, I sleep with the thing right by my side. I'm a little attached to it ok! Not only because of its sleek design and portability, and we won't EVEN go into its coolness quotient! It is SO MUCH better than a PC! It's faster, it's more user friendly, the graphics are amazing...very important for an Adobe girl. I just love it! PLUS, I don't have the program issues that I do on my desktop. No you need updates everytime you turn it on, no virus crap (I think this is the winning point cuz I melt down when I get a virus!) it's just wonderful!
So, I am such a convert, I think everyone should get a mac. Any time someone mentions problems with their PC; I adopt a somewhat annoying nasaly tone as I say "GET A MAC" think Ros on "Monsters". It's funny and because it is becoming a theme song for me, I've decided to start writing Apple and see if I can join the cool dude on the Mac commercial while he's talking to the lame guy. I was thinking something along the lines of twirling around in the background with butterfly wings singing GET A MAC? or maybe with the coolness quotient, we MAC people could dress up like the men (and women) in black and shoot down PC's "trust me" comments with a laser gun. Think mac will go for it?
I'll let you know when I get my call wink wink!
Just for kicks and giggles, here's the link for the new commercials!
Have fun!

Monday, October 26, 2009

When should we stop spelling things out?

We went on our LOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGG car ride this weekend! But the gold at the end of the road was very worth it...we got to see RnB and the chillens.
We have a tradition I guess you could call it...as we have made this trek oh so many times. We stop halfway and eat lunch and play at the city park.
So we are pulling into town and Hurricane has had enough of his car seat, and this car ride, and the movies and he just wants out. (Understandably so, if I thought it were socially acceptable I'd probably act like that too) back to us driving through town feeling more and more like the Griswolds with each mile we add to the odometer. He's whining and DH starts saying Hurricane if you act like this we cant go to the P-A-R-K. Do you want to go to the P-A-R-K? Hurricane's fit comes to a screeching halt and he starts saying "What?" which is his way of buying time or making you repeat just to play with you. DH repeats it again and again. Hey it kept Hurricane busy for a second or two, til we could make it to said P-A-R-K.
We get out, enjoy lunch, run around the park, play in the leaves, play on the playground, basically "blow the stink off" as Papa Train would say. Yes there are ulterior motives on our part, but that is an entirely different post now then isn't it?
So we are walking back to the car and Hurricane is lagging behind mumbling something to himself. You can tell he's deep in thought.
Finally he comes running up and says "Dad, we go to the A-S-D-C?" Took us a minute but we finally got it....wonder if we have to S-T-O-P S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G T-H-I-N-G-S O-U-T ?


You know those moments that shape your life as a kid? Those silly things your parents or some other elder said to you that you will remember forever, but they have long since forgotten?
Well one came flying to the forefront of my memory bin the other morning! Let me back up a teeny tiny bit...
We are getting ready to go to our old stomping grounds and visit my best B! To me, that means making beds, cleaning house, making sure the dishes are done, garbages are out, car is cleaned(since we will be living in it for EVER this weekend) and laundry done. Well, I pulled out and sorted it at the beginning of the week. I thought ok, this should be pretty easy, a couple loads, well like seven, but over the course of the week, that will be fine right?
I woke up Wednesday morning to this....

The damned ol laundry bred like rabbits! JUST LOOK at that pile! Does it ever end? I wonder if my family would go for moving to a nudist colony? Is it illegal or wasteful to throw clothes away after one wear...probably not very economical...dang. Run Tornado, it will eat you alive!
So here is where my memory bin (my overactive imagination) went OH OH OH! I wanna show you something, ran to the very far reaches of my memories and came SPRINTING back to the front with this little jewel!
We used to wake my mom up in the mornings,(at what I am now convinced was THE very crack of dawn just before the rooster crowed) by jumping on her water bed begging for cereal and cartoons. After she tried hitting the three kid snooze button at least four times, she finally would give up and just come pour or monster bowls of Cap'n Crunch and turn on the Sesame Street.... before promptly returning to the warm confines of her bed. Any way, once she had been able to wake up and get a cup of coffee into her, she would tell us that when we were moms and dads there would be robots that would be kept in the hall closet and when OUR kids woke up they would just go push the button and the robot would commence pouring cereal and flipping channels with pliers while simultaneously adjusting the rabbit ears(you know what I mean and your laughing your butt off right now!). I started imagining robots in the form of Rosie off the Jetsons in my hall closet, I wondered what I would name mine.
Fast forward 20 plus years and I am now wondering if that robot will be coming any time soon, and whether I can start setting MY children up for this wonderful invention, but if I have anything to do with it, theirs will do laundry!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

With days like this....

I have only just begun to realize that apparently I am a schedule orienter....ummm to a fault.
I thought anyone with kids my Forces age held to their schedule TO a FAULT, apparently I am wrong in my assumption.
Anyway, as you all know, we have been on a six month vacation. I know you're thinking, wow, how wonderful would that be, six months, on the beach (in a cottage, on the slopes, whatever your mind conjures when you say vacation) no worries, no real life.....blah blah blah. I challenge you to try said vacation for six months. You'll be ready for your home, your bed, your schedule (notice I said SCHEDULE) back. I mean I can't complain, I live with my best gma for heaven's sake! It's a nonstop party! BUT it has taken a toll on my kids, which means it's taken a toll on me! So my fuse is this short and my poor Forces take the brunt of said short fuse! I thought we were on a semblance of our schedule, but I was wrong.
As the sun has taken leave on our side of the world much earlier than usual, I have been getting the boys into bed at a "normal" time for us. I'll tell ya what....it's been worth it!
Today, they were absolute angels, AND they even took a nap at Gma's house, which NEVER happens without a HUGE fight!
I had so much fun with them today, doing nothing!
IT's days like this that I think we could add to the McMahon Clan...hope tomorrow doesn't serve me my gushing words of love and adoration in a HUMBLE PIE with a big dollop of "what was I saying" on top!

Oh, lemme post a pic of my angels.....

And I preface this by saying, Rain is not in here, not because she was on the black list today, but because she is at school for the week, therefore isn't here :(
Here's the first little angel...he's escaping(now that he knows how to walk, the kids' a runnin everywhere!
Dang that's a good pic...someone should frame it and hang it on their wall...which gets me to thinking...

Here's another good pic, I have to say, this was a great shot OOC (out of camera) for all you non picture obsessed folks. So I didn't do much to it, but it's so cute, wonder who the photog was...Oh yeah it was the Nikon D60...love that thing!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Looking for some great Fall photo ops?

Ever noticed that EVERYONE's a photographer these days? Well, I'm not the exception! I love taking pics...of EVERYTHING! My DH loves to tease that I set up the scrapbook page before the picture presents itself...so then I'm constantly coming up with these wacky schemes to get the pic to complete the page!
Needless to say, some of my favorite subjects are my forces of nature!
I want candid, nature shots. I like the outdoors, and the kids doing everyday things. That said, my disclaimer is that I can still enhance said portraits by "posing" them haha!
So here it is, the change of the seasons! Living in the midwest affords lots of change of seasons! (Here we have fall, winter, spring, and construction! Just kidding, but not really!) I love the return of fall because it means crisp days, the changing of the leaves, the opportunity to leave the bathing suit behind and finally eat a little! But before we get to the food, lets talk about the fest!
Gardner Village has always been a favorite haunt of mine, it's "estrogen city" as DH lovingly refers to it, but it's cute and quaint and bootique-y! They have a phenomenal Halloween celebration that lasts all month long! Wee witches weekend, Witches night out (for tha mommies) I mean it's a BLAST! crowded...but SO much fun. Did I mention good people watching? Haha!
So, I took the Forces there, to get in the spirit! The last time we had been it was just Rain and I, and there was hardly anyone there! Suffice it to say, times, they have a changed!
But even with the millions of mommies and kiddos (notice daddys aren't mentioned...thats because I only saw two and I'm pretty sure both of them were there against their will, or so they say) there were still places to get pics of the Forces!
Here you are for your eye candy feast!

And if you're looking for something to do with your little witches and wizards, take em out here! May I suggest, during the day, on a weekday, sans daddy, after nap! There's lots to do!
Oh, and bring cash, they have horse rides and pumpkin patch and some of that stuff but it's all cash based so be prepared...cuz I wasn't!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Things I never want to forget

If you are now, or have EVER been in the kid way, you know that there are things your children do that you are sure you will remember a lifetime.
The fact of the matter is, you forget as many as you remember! I remember in high school a teacher drilling into our heads, you never need to study your notes, just write em down. Writing them down anchors them in your brain and when called upon to remember them, your brain will somehow conjure what it needs to remember. So, ok I'll write it down...then one day I'll remember with a chuckle, and even if I don't I will now have digital record of it haha!
If you recall with Tornado, he and well, Hurricane too, but we're talking about Tornado this entry. Tornado would crawl on his hands and feet. He now has taken to walking, albeit late but...he won't crawl anymore.
Yesterday after church I caught him in a rare crawl mode...with shoes on his HANDS!!! I had semi-forgotten that he does this all the time. Most boys drive trucks around or dinos, not Tornado, he is "protecting" his paws by adding shoes to them. I don't know if this would be considered an impression or a DIGRESSION for our species, but ah well, it's cute no matter which way you look at it!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Why such an early bird?

I have been asked this question on many occasions....
Throughout my life I have varied on the choice bedtime...always pushing for later as a kid, seeing 6am as the end of a day rather than the beginning, sleeping two hours in between a crazy night and the next day at work, even studying all night then heading to class the next morning.
The difference always was then I didn't have kids. I could sleep blissfully unaware of the world at 12 noon and no one would care. How times have changed!
I now go to sleep when most people are sitting down to dinner, but I am also awake before the sun. I look back and think, in my younger days would I have been disgusted with myself? Truth is, that was my reality then, this is my reality now! We eat dinner with the geriatric crowd, read stories and do baths when others are barely thinking about what to do for the evening. Our day is finished as most are winding down...but the real reason I go to bed so early with my little forces of nature? Because those forces of nature are up before the rooster crows! Therefore so am I! So here we are, saying good morning world! We're ready to greet the day!
See you when you get up...LAZY BONES!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall is in the air, and I'm making a resolution!

Ok, so I know most of us don't make resolutions until the holidays are finished, and we are racked with remorse over how much we've spent, eaten, drank, whatever. So with strong resolve we come up with well intentioned plans to be "better" people than we were the year before.
I decided this morning, why wait till a new year? We are approaching a new season, isn't that enough newness to evoke some nostalgic well intentioned resolve? So today I'm resolving to blogging more than once a month!
So here's to me inviting you into my life more than once a month haha!
Now onto the blog for today!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

We're adding characters to our story!

So ya know we moved back to range with family this summer. It's been fun and interesting, and well an adjustment! But we have really enjoyed reaquanting ourselves with everyone. The part I've enjoyed the most is:
1) My grandma and I have been able to re-find our relationship! Gram and I have always shared a special bond, in fact it seemed like most if not all my summers have memories of Gram at the forefront. As anyone with kids and family knows, those relationships that seem to take up so much of your life at one time slowly get pushed to a back burner to make room for newer relationships. In my case, my relationship with DH and the Forces of Nature. I have greatly missed the fun things I used to do with Gram, and this summer I have been able to rediscover some of the fun we've had. I have also been able to settle into long talks with her just as a summer day settles into a lazy afternoon...effortlessly and with great satisfaction!
2) My nieces! Aunti and Unca moved to the island early in their family beginnings and moved back to the mainland about the time we up and moved away! This summer, I have gotten to know my three cousins, that I call my nieces, cuz well, lets face it, I could be their aunti! They have become such a part of life, that not too long ago I realized they were inevitably going to have to become a part of my blog! Which means I had to rename them! They are all my sweet flowers, so they got floral names! SO without much ado, let me introduce you to my sweet Flowers!
Lily- lily is named aptly so because she is a beautiful, fragrant flower that comes back each year more gorgeous and fragrant than the last!
Daisy- Daisy is fearless and fun. She is strong, even if you mow her down with a weedwacker, she always finds a way back!
Bleeding Heart- Bleeding hearts thrive in the shade of other flowers. They take what they need to flourish, but they do so quietly. But make no mistake, while they are gentle beauties, they are SURVIVORS!!!
I will get pics posted soon, but wanted to introduce you to the newest characters!
Loves to you all!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New blog site

Hi guys,
just a quickie to tell you I started a new blog...it is for date nights...so addy is

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Intelligent convo with the two year old, AKA putting off bedtime

SO DH's turn to put Hurricane to sleep tonight. We have company and the girls are over tonight, so DH definitely had his work cut out for him!
Forty five minutes after DH had disappeared with Hurricane, he reappears to share this funny story with us!
H: I wan my capan
DH: when we get our house capan will be with us all the time buddy
H: our howse?
DH: yeah mommy n daddy are looking for a house for us. Hurricane and Tornado and Rain will have a room
H: an capan?
DH: yes and capan too.
H: mommy and daddy have room?
DH: yep mom n dad will have a room too.
H: Oh (the wheels turn and turn)
H: (then the light turns on) YOU GO AT THE HOWSE STORE??
I love that boy of mine!!!

When does it become taboo??

So I am writing two things tonight...here is the first antic of the evening!

A couple days ago, I took the boys to the park to play. It was a good day, and we had taken a walk thru the cemetary. It was kinda the long way around, probably a mile and a half round trip. Anyway, so we are sitting beneath the shade trees, watching Hurricane play around and I'm laughing at Tornado discover rocks and sticks and what dirt he can find beneath the plush grass. Keep in mind little Tornado is battling a cold and so he has a runny nose, crusted boogies, snot across his cheek mixed with a little dirt, yep he looked homeless.
So I start feeling bad for the kid thinking about what a horrible mom I am I don't even clean the booger crust from his poor little nose, so what do I do right there...you got it, start working on his nose. Nope didn't like that one. So I let it be, let him enjoy his boyness in full glory right? I focus my attentions to Hurricane as he climbs up the highest slide and STANDS at the top. I'm doing quick calculations as to just how far the top of that slide is to the woodchips below. Wondering what kind of damage will inflict itself upon my child should he superman of the top of said slide. He sits down like a normal person and slides down, so I look lovingly at my homeless child and notice that he is now got aforementioned crusty booger stuck on his pointer finger and is sticking it in his mouth only to stick his tongue out, retreive nasty thing and put it back into his mouth!
So my question to you is this...when does it become taboo to pick your nose and eat it too??!!
Thought you all needed a laugh for the day!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our new WHEELS!

You know those little Bean cars??? You know the ones? They're red with yellow tops. They now come in the shopping cart preference at your local grocery store...they look like the cars that that Bean guy drove on the British Comedy show...you know the one that came on PBS at odd hours!
R & B have one of these little cars, and Hurricane has taken to it since, well, day one that we have gone over there! He plays in it everytime we're there, which is alot because, well we live three doors down and really should just connect our houses as it would make more sense!
Since last summer, B has tried to pawn said Bean car off to us. We have conveniently managed to slide out of it...that kids does NOT need ONE MORE TOY! (are you listening gma and papa??)
Well, we went over today, and as we were leaving, Bean car was looming in our path. We were not leaving til Bean came with us. So Hurricane crawled in. Mind you, we WALKED down, with Tornado in the stroller, on our GRAVEL road. We live THREE doors down.
It took us TWENTY minutes to get home! Five feet at a time! I'd push TT, then go back and push Hurricane, then TT then Hurricane....all the while Cap following us with the loopy look dogs have mastered!
We MUST have been a site!
Now notice what is in the car with him...yes those would be golf clubs! I think we are on set 35 by now of "garbage golf clubs" (thanks DH for that classification!) Daddy has finally broken down and is now looking for a set of Real clubs for the kid!
So we get home, and Hurricane enjoys the simplicity of our neighbors paved driveway. I then tell him its time to come in, we need to have lunch. I take TT inside, and start to making lunch.
A few minutes pass and I head out to get Hurricane.
"Buddy, lunch is ready, lets wash up"
No answer
Still no answer
I go around to the side of the truck to this:
Guess we have to park the car before we can go in and eat huh?
Anyway, B, watch out I will be sneaking this back to your house somehow! But thanks for the fun it's brought today!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our newest arrivals!

Ahhhh one thing I will really miss about where we live is the nature part! It is so wonderful and RELAXING to have the theme song of your day to day life be the sounds of bird songs and crickets chirping!
So anyway, Rain and I decided this spring that some birds MUST have their nest up in our gables, cuz they are always around....a little bluebird or robin...its blue anyway! I keep meaning to take pics of the bird, cuz he visits me every morning!
Well, our neighbor and Rain went searching out the elusive birds nest and found it in the cover to our propane tank. I couldn't help it....I needed PICTURES!!!!

Isn't that COOL!!! They are so pretty! Well, after my nosy little self spent 55 years taking pictures...mama and daddy wouldn't go to the nest. I started to get worried that they had abandoned the nest as not safe, and I was really dreading having to tell Rain we killed the eggs cuz we (I) were (was) nosy!
Fast forward to a couple of days ago. I started seeing daddy going into the nest! So I went over and put my ear to the tank to see if I could hear little chirps, nope nope nope...well if you know me you know my middle name is NOT Job! So I couldn't stand it ANYMORE! I had to open the lid....guess what I saw???!!!

They have got to be brand new cuz they were just sleeping, and as you can see they're kinda bald except the blue feathers on their little heads! I'll keep you posted when I start to hear the chirping I'll take more pics! AS for mama bird and daddy bird, they keep a close eye on us but I think they know we mean them no harm! So thanks birdie parents for enduring my neverending search for a photo op!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Names are changed to protect the innocent

Hi guys, well, after two years of writing, and keeping myself unsearchable, in the interest of family privacy, I am going to allow my self to be searchable...mainly b/c I have been asked by several friends who have tried looking at my blog but can never find it!
Before I could do that however, I had change all of our names...this thanks to my ever concerned MIL that brought to my attention that wacko's could get info about my family and do some damage if they wanted. After waking up many nights in a cold sweat (j/k mom) I changed our names through out our blog!
In figuring out what to rename my lovely's I thought long and hard...I could use funky names like Fester or Sigmund...or maybe nicknames? Nah....something better! Then it came to me! Children are like forces of nature. Unmeasurable, uncertain, sometimes beautiful, other times frightening, but always to be respected and always to be loved....so now my children are:
Perfect....lets publicize!
Thanks guys!
Oh, and a ps my hubby is now just DH!

Its a plane, its a train its a.....

Oh that one of mine! When a momma looks back to all the ages, trying to decide which age she loves best, I would venture to guess, this time is a favorite among mommys! Kids are learning and discovering. There are huge milestones as far as speaking, potty training, big kid beds, preschool! There is a ton. But I have come to really enjoy my conversations with my little boy!
The latest was as follows:
Well first off, lemme back up a bit! I have decided that the foyer(pronounced foy-yay, thank you very much DH!!) in our new house will be decorated in crosses! I have also asked for a table (with legs...again for you DH!) to go in said foyer. On this lovely table, which will once a year hold my Christmas and Halloween villages (not at the same time mind you) I would like to have a photo book of religious icons in America. Right now I reside within close proximity a mecca of mission style churches! So I have dragged my family on more than one road trip in search of these wonderful landmarks! This past weekend was no exception! We loaded kids in the car and headed south to a few towns with more old churches in them! As we were driving in one particular town, there was an accident in the middle of the street (it was, after all MEMORIAL DAY!!! LOTS of traffic EVERYWHERE!) What comes with accidents, like 5000 cops and a few other emergency personnel...ambulance, all that fun stuff!
So I'm trying to get the attention of aforementioned middle child, and I say, "Look lil man! Police car"
Of course this gets his attention... doesn't it get all little boys' attention? and as we pass, he says to me,
"Mom! Look! a FIREBUS!"
Now who is going to correct that??? Not I says the mommy relishing in her childs "isms"
Till next time!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A conversation with my son

We have taken to doing puzzles before bed time. Hurricane knows the routine (finally) and he knows there are two puzzles in particular that we do.
So that time comes this evening, and we sit down to do our puzzles.
Our first one was the transportation puzzle, which consists of trucks, trains, a car...that kinda thing.
Anyway, we go thru our typical conversation of wanting to drive particular vehicles...the big red truck (we may have to talk some very generous family into a field trip to their yard when we get back) the garbage truck (I'll have to talk him out of that one)....onto our next puzzle which is flying things.
Usually he is fascinated by the hot air balloon on this one but not tonight.
"Mama...wat dis one?" says a very pensive Hurricane
"That's a helicopter baby...it goes right here" me pointing to the space on the puzzle where that piece fits.
Pause.... " heh-wa-caw-wa?" Hurricane trying to wrap his tongue around such a big word.
"Good job buddy! A helicopter" Me slowing down this time so he can really hear the way its pronounced.
"Mama...Hurricane dwive heh-wa-caw-wa." Please note that the word gets quieter with each syllable so by the time we get to the "wa" its a whisper.
"So you want to be a pilot Hurricane?" I say.
"No." he says dismissively..."Hurricane dwive heh-wa-caw-wa with mom"
"Well the person that drives the helicopter (enuncating every syllable) is called a pilot."
"No. Hurricane dwive heh-wa-caw-wa uppa dere (pointing up) uppa awr uh mom" (Hurricane drive helicopter up there, up in the air with mom)
"So you want to be a pilot buddy?"
"You wanna drive the helicopter?"
Well alrighty then, glad we settled that one!
Stay tuned for the next mind boggling convo with a two year old!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sushi and Tornados

Ma and Dad will LOVE this one!
We love sushi...mmmm yum... sushi! Well, I decided to try my hand at it...just a few favorites...california rolls, philly rolls...oh and lots of wasabi just in case right? So I found all the fixings...at the local market no less (hey I'm impressed) and the sushi mat from a kitchen store in Durango. Onto sushi...well, I was a little nervous, so I made the edamame and agedashi first, then I couldn't do anything more so I rolled the sushi. IT was SO good! and filling! And we're not sick (yet). BUT....the kitchen looked like a tornado (or GMA Locker) hit it! I couldn't resist but to take pictures!
Enjoy !

Monday, March 30, 2009

The new adventures of old Bisquick

Hurricane THOMAS!!!!
I was sewing the other day...I got a new toy, I've taken every opportunity to use it! Anyway, I was sitting there at the table (as I just am not cool enough to have a craft room yet) and Hurricane goes into the pantry and closes the door.
I chuckle to myself because heeeeheee....the stool isn't in the pantry and all the candy is far enough up that he can't get to it. I continue to sew away, relishing in my undivided attentions for just a few minutes longer. I'm thinking, if anything, we are going to have potatoes with bites taken out of them right? There's nothing else he can get into...right? RIGHT? WRONG!
I look over and there is FLOUR or something like flour SPILLING out from underneath the door of the pantry!
HurricaneTHOMAS! I scream! (and then reach for the camera)
I snap open the door to this...
Tell me its not hilarious he has his hands down his pants! Such a boy...anyway...I was trying to get mad (and snap pics at the same time) and, well, I couldn't....not that I had much help from my DH! He was bustin a gut in the bedroom! Ahh well. I made HIM clean it up...not that that was much help...the vaccuum still expells Bisquick Mix EVERY time I turn it on!


Frawt Boy

Hurricane calls farts FRAWTs... he's all boy so anytime there is a forceful exhalation of air he thinks its hilarious!
So last night I was changing Tornado and Hurricane comes in tooting away...then looks up at me with this mischevious grin... "Hi Mom" he says. "You FRAWT Hurricane!" was my reply. He just giggles. So I say "hello Frawt Boy" to which he proceeds to climb onto my bed and jump around singing "Frawt boy, frawt boy....frawt boy frawt boy" Yes, that was the theme song last night.
Ya gotta love that little boy of mine.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

With imagination....

WOW!!!! Two posts in a 24 hour period??? I MUST be on a roll! No, I made my blog one of my homepages, so I think now I will be more conscious of posting! Heck it works for facebook, I set that as my home page, and I'm on it ALL THE TIME!!!
Anyway....onto the post!
Today after lunch, Rain was spinning around the area rug....for a long time! I thought surely she should be getting dizzy by now. Curiousity got the better of me, and this was how the convo went...

me: (knowing they were playing horsey's before lunch) Hey horsey, whatcha doin?
Rain: (Not stopping her spinning) Twirling.
Me: I thought you were playing horseys?
Rain: We are (still spinning)
Me: I've never known that a horse could twirl.
Rain: Mom, with imagination, anything can happen.

I love that little girl of mine!

Notice we're still in jammies...I love homeschool!

Monday, March 9, 2009

TT channels Marv and the Great Escape Artist strikes YET AGAIN!!!

We have this friend we all know and love!!! Good ol MARVIN S. Marv is also known as Biggun, 747, and my name for him TK after Toby Keith! He totally looks like Toby Keith to me! Do you see the resembelance or am I that crazy??
Any whoooo....Marv is hilarious! He's the guy in the crowd that will sit back at the party and mix in, but when given the stage, he hops up, steals the stage and DOES NOT GIVE IT BACK til READY!!! TT was channeling Marv! He was eating and started doing this thing where he would pull a face and breath heavily in and out of his mouth while baring his oh so scary (4) teeth! We were crackin up....so here's the clip!
So then, once he saw we were paying attention and taping it, once we stopped, I couldn't get him to stop doing it! Once the kid had the stage, he was gonna live it up like his ol uncle Marv!
Needless to say, afterwards, we were both sprayed head to toe in sweet potatoes...or whatever he was eating...I know it was orange! Very stainable!

Onto the great escape artist....
If you know us, you know that Hurricane would live outside if he could. From sun up to sun down that one wants to be outside. I know you're thinking...where's the problem in that??? I'll tell you what the problem is...well, let me show you!

Yes, do you see the problems posed for a two year old little boy? This is last year, but LOOK!!! IT's a mud bog! And past the red truck, yep, that's water! No fence, mud bog, busy street, water....oh this is so a recipe for disaster!
Well, Sean was out of town last week, and first thing Hurricane says to me when he wakes up is ..."ONT Hurricane-y dolf OWTside"...translation? I want Hurricane-y (yes everything is in third person) to golf outside. So of course I say "no buddy, the suns not even up yet...lets wait k?" I go in my room to do something and guess who is out the door...at 6.30am...in shorts, no shirt, and bare feet! Attempt number one.
7.30am, B has just dropped Jack Jack off for the day, I'm changing TT's diaper and hear the front door shut....by the time I get to him, he's almost to the street, barefoot, on gravel. Attempt number two!
So I relent and tell him, once I get the babies down for nap, I will take him outside to "play dolf" "Oh-tay" he says. I'm warming up food and I hear the laundry room door shut. I laugh to myself thinking I'm really smart cuz the garage door is shut, he can't get too far...until I go check on him...garage door has been opened, and Hurricane is working on his water hazard shots in a puddle on the side of the house.
Fast forward to the afternoon after nap... I'm in working on school with Rain, when I hear the door open and shut. Hmmmm I say to my self, DH isn't due back yet... Maybe it's B stopping by...nope, just Hurricane out playing golf! Didn't even know he was up from his nap and somehow he ended up outside!
By this time I'm calculating hours til bedtime! This has got to stop! I call Sean and tell him it is a NECCESITY! We NEED CHILD LOCKS ZAYN CAN"T GET OPEN! (Yes we have some, no, they are not Zayn proof!)
I go through the house, I LOCK the garage door opener, I lock the screen door to the back door, and I deadbolt the front door, knowing he can reach it, but it least it will buy me 5 seconds! Then I set to making dinner. I'm zippin along, hummin a little tune, wearing TT in the Moby, showing him the ins and outs of being a sous chef, enjoying the peace and quiet....PEACE AND QUIET!!!! Rain's on the couch playing, so I head towards the kids rooms, no Hurricane, I know he didn't go out the front or back doors, and he can't have gotten far in the garage....or so I thought! That little buggar figured out how to unlock the garage door, open it, and went out on a leisurely bike ride to the busy road!!!!
For those of you that lost count, that was five successful escapes in one day, and that isn't even telling you how many times I caught him before the door, or the one time the neighbor brought him back!
I'm now taking donations for a fence!
Love to all!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our First day of Homeschool!

Well, we made it through the first day...per se.
I had decided, based on what the boards had to say, that we would take a week to de-school and chill out. But, well today is a historic one, and I do have other powers to answer to, so we jumped right in.
Today, we took advantage of the Inauguration to do a mini unit study on it. I had printed off some stuff about the new Pres, and away we went! We learned that he was born in HNL and then lived in Indonesia from 6-10 b/c his mom was an Anthropologist. We learned his dad was from a small village in Kenya and that his parents met at college in Hawaii. We also learned his mom died of cancer.
She had to write her own oath of office and inauguration speech. Both were quite interesting! I was amazed at how in touch she is with what's going on...
We then had a map of a parade route and she was asked to point things out on the route, what street it followed, where did it turn due west, what is the Mall, and what two national monuments does it stand between. I was really impressed with how well she reads a map! She was better at it then I was!
We listened to Pres. Obama taking his oath, and his address, then we discussed it!
For art, she made a "yes we can" can....we took an old soup can, and she measured a piece of paper to that size then decorated that can. She will use it to put coins into and when she fills it up, we will donate that money to a non-profit organization in the area. She is thinking either the Animal Rescue or the Teen Pregnancy center in town. idea came from http://crafts.kaboose.com/yes-we-can-can.html
For math...we made a cake...she had to use her division and multiplying. Then we took skittles and did some manipulatives for division and multiplication. I was excited about how quickly she picked up the concepts with the visual there. It has definitely cemented my decision to change the math curriculum to something more visual!!Notice the green skittles...that would be Hurricane's contribution!!!
We used sugar that I had tinted red and blue...the "stars" are raisenets, and of course our skittles!
All in all, I have been excited about the way things went today. Our schedule might need a little tweaking, but she is so excited to learn again...and that makes me excited!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mom, whats for dinner?

So, Rain's newest favorite question is....Mom? What's for dinner? Is she following in my footsteps or what?
We usually come up with really wierd things like frog toes and tree bark ummm...snail shells and monkey boogers....really gross wierd stuff....this was our answer today.....

This evenings menu features the newest rare kind of delicacy we could find. Aged 6 months, smothered in loves and kisses slowly brought to perfection for your pleasure....its....
Tornado A LA MODE!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year...here's to not killing the kids!

We had been couped up in the house for like four days or longer. Well, the sun peeked its weary head through the thick mass of clouds last Saturday morning, and we decided we'd better get the kids out while we could! What better way to burn off some energy than by finding the biggest hill we could, and sending them down it at mock ten in a dopey sled with nothing in the way of steering mechanisms. Hey, they'll have to trudge through snow, and walk back up the hill, we will definitely see nap time after this little outing right???
All started out calmly enough! Rain couldn't wait to get sledding down that hill...so much so, she forgot to swipe her hair back as she put on her hat...as is evidenced here....

Then we have little Hurricane...we sent him down a mini hill a few times, he seemed to handle it....

So why not send em both down the big hill....
There they go....look at their happy little faces!

It worked so well the first time, lets go a second time.
Apparently we tempted fate with the second time idea!
I set the kids up, pushed them off, and watched them go...half way down the hill, they took a SHARP left (kinda like dad's golf swing) and BAM.....smacked into a tree!

So, yeah it hurt, and yeah it was sad, and I (we) were really concerned for them. But I couldn't resist. I HAD to take pictures!

C'mon! Great scrap pages...I had the layouts in mind before we got to the truck! And one day, the kids will look back and laugh! Though Laurenne doesn't think so! She won't even talk about it, and was quite ticked I wanted to take pics of her in pain! Hence the oh so beautiful face she is pulling!
Oh well, til the next "scrape" have a good one and Happy New Year!

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