Monday, December 29, 2008

I had leftover Crab meat sooooo......

We blew it out for Christmas Eve. Our original plan was to have an early dinner with Rob and Brandie family and then go down to Candlelight. Well, it snowed for like three days straight, so instead we had an early dinner then played dominoes! It was awesome! Anyway, I have all this left over Crab. I knew we needed to eat it, but somehow reheating it and dipping it in butter just was not appealing to me...I hate that fishy smell you get after the first day ya know?
So, tonights dinner was born! Crab Bisque and Crab and Chicken Ravioli's with a Lemon Cream Sauce! It was so freakin good, I thought I'd share with you!

Crab Bisque
You need:
stick of unsalted margarine you goof!
1 c. corn...frozen or canned whatever if its canned, drain it!
2 cans cream of celery me on this!
equal parts of white wine (I used Chardonnay) and half and half/cream/milk/evaporated milk...what ever you have. I used about half a cup of each.
couple stalks of celery, diced thin
green and red peppers diced (for color)
half white onion diced
garlic...of course! Three or so cloves, depends on how much you like garlic...oh and mince it!
Crab--the more the better, but at least a cup of crabmeat
salt and pepper to taste
2 bay leaves

So you've got it what? I chopped everything first cuz once you get going, you're going to need things quickly.
Put your soup pot over med/high heat and dump your butter in there. Once melted, add celery,peppers,onion and garlic....salt and pepper it, let saute til fragrant.
Add the celery soup, and corn stir to combine
Add the wine and milk (or what ever you have for milk)
Thyme, maybe a tablespoons worth
And the bayleaves. Stir again, then put a lid over it and let simmer for at least 20 minutes. I let mine simmer a few hours.
10 or so minutes before serving, add crabmeat...heat through (4-5min)
Use an immersion blender or your food processor or blender and blend soup. So you have a nice creamy, hearty soup! Alternatively you don't have to blend it, you can eat it as is...I just blended it cuz thats how I remember a bisque!

So, the ravioli...first off, does anyone have some tips for folding raviolis and making them pretty? Mine sucked! The fold job did anyway!
I'm not going to share this recipe just yet! While the ravioli's were magnifique, they were also time consuming. I know there is an easier way to use this flavor combo, so it's back to the ATK for me...Ashleigh Test Kitchens.
I'll get back to you!

Now, I just need to finish off this prime rib in the fridge...I'm thinking Carne Asada in my new crockpot my mom gave me for christmas!
I'll letcha know!
Till next time....loves!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Pics, wardrobe malfunctions and Gingerbread Faceoff!

Yeah, there's a lot to be said in this post! Lets start with Christmas Pictures! So, if you know us, you know we have a ton of pictures of the kids, but not really family pics, or pics of just DH and me. B and I had vowed that we were going to hire her photographer to come out and take pics of our families...but we were waiting for the snow to fly. Like the rest of the world we are experiencing an unusually warm fall (at least warmer than last years) so, here it was the weekend before Thanksgiving and we still had no snow. Mind you, we did our Christmas Cards on my birthday, so we were just waiting for the pictures to send them off. (Now when really will you get your cards is an entirely different subject!) So we decided to take matters into our own hands, we went up, found a spot, staged part of it, and left the other site natural. We got some WAY cute pics!
Our little family, we have better ones, but they will be included in said Christmas cards. THis was our stage (duh ash, ya mean they don't have presents and christmas balls on trees naturally?)
And this is the natural setting. I love Rain yawning and Hurricane crying! IT makes me laugh!
Here's one of my faves of the boys!
Yes, I think I will blow this one up and print it!
So, then we moved to pictures of me and DH....we really don't have pics of us by ourselves that date past the wedding and, well lets get some! Right? Ohhhh! So that's why we don't take together pictures! Look at my face!!!!I don't know what he was doing, but I was pretty grossed out by it! And lets face it, that is the grossest face I could pull too!!!!!

Ahh, well, onward, lets see if the next one turned out any better?
Awww! Cute....there is a redeeming picture of the two of us....nope, wait, what is that I spy??? Take a really good look at my shirt tails!!!
Yep, they're crooked....nope, nothing to drink...yet. All the sudden, flashes of the Janet Jackson superbowl debacle flood my mind and shatter my hopes that THIS year, we may have some pictures worth a thousand words...good words, not snorts and giggles!
Hmph. Maybe next year I'll get the professional photographer, maybe s/he will notice all the little details sucha as my shirt is buttoned wrong...then again maybe not!

So, we went to Wally world Sunday after church. Remember the ever elusive Wally World on the Griswold Family Vacation....have you ever thought that today's Wally World is the same in so many ways? WE pack up our family with such high expectations of finding soulful zen (or at least a great bargain) there, just to come out feeling tired, worn, and cranky...hmmm. Anyway, a.d.d. kicked in we went to Wally. And first thing we see is a gingerbread house. We thought, "what a fun project to do with the kids!" But we didn't want the easy no we wanted to make our own. We got the stuff, dragged the kids through wally for hours (days if you talk to renne) then made our lovely trek home! By the time we got home, this was no longer an innocent, fun, lets-do-it-with-the-kids project. This was our Gingerbread Faceoff! Who was gonna be better, blah blah blah. rain's survived many collapses, apparently DH forgot about support whatevers the house imploded...twice. Meanwhile, mine and Hurricane's went up pretty fast...never mind it looks like a house you would see on Harry Potter! It's crooked (kinda like my shirt) and there's an errant graham cracker that sticks out more than the rest, but ours didn't collapse...twice!
We put the pictures on FB and had our friends and fam vote...DH and Rain won...bragging rights for the whole year, but no worries...Hurricane and I have already begun construction on our house for next year! We're using real gingerbread, and snow glitter, and some other top secret items! Yes, we have implemented a new holiday tradition...Gingerbread Houses!
The pic on the left is Rain's...notice the Rolo terds that are supposed to be a chimney, and look at the back, it was imploding as I was snapping the picture! Then their's mine and Hurricane's...tall, yes, crooked, uh-huh, but still beautiful haha!
Well, we had fun, and I had fun sharing this with you! Loves to all of you!
Our fam!

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