Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I love his laugh!

With family so far away, it's hard to really convey over the phone or email, the delights of things the kids learn! Tornado is a talker...and a laugher! And his laugh is adoreable...so we got it on video...here ya go!

Ahh but of course...the Halloween Pics!

Yep, Halloween has come and gone...as has Hurricane's bday. That poor child will forever be overshadowed on his birthday! I can see it now...."yeah dude lets have a ragin Halloween bash this year....oh yeah and we'll throw in a cake (decorated Halloween-y) so you think we're blowin out your bday as well!" We didnt even get around to his cake and singing Happy Birthday til last night!!!! Does that make us bad parents? Can I change his birthday to IDK April 30? There's a six month time lapse, but hey, what else really is going on that time of year? The birthday parties would be better! Some may even include a pool, or other large body of water! Hmmmm I may be onto something.....
Anywho....on to Halloween....
Rain's class celebrated Reformation instead, so they all got to wear jammies to school! So the boys and I followed suit and showed up in jammies. We painted faces, bobbed for apples, and did this doughnut eating game...it was alot of fun!
As for trick or treating, there is but one neighborhood in Pagosa that does trick or treating! Partially b/c we are so spread out, and partially b/c there are so many part time residents, you never know what you'll really find. Anyway, so we went there first... There we are! We have....
Pumpkin played by Jacob...Ms Hainer's lil one
Chef Colette (Ratatouille) ...Rain
Snow White...Rylie (Rob and Brandie's daughter)
Mouse- Yep that would be Hurricane and...
Dragon- Jack Jack!
Where's TT? Oh, there he is! Swaddled in the Moby! With B and Jack Jack...check out my minnie mouse ears...yes that's my hair! Yes those are coffee cups in our hands, and yes they had hot totties in them!
On to Trick or Treat!!! Hurricane didn't really get what we were doing, until that first piece of candy... whew dog, then we couldn't go fast enough! After trick or treating, we went to The Powerhouse, a gathering place for the areas teens. All the churches get together and offer different booths with games and stuff and then the kids get a candy at the end! After all that fun and excitement, we headed home to watch movies and chill.
They boys had gone to a football game, so the girls gabbed and got kids in bed, then we had our adult Halloween...no, no strip poker! Just food, fun, and friends!
And we're still waiting for the snow to fall......(Jaws theme inserted here)
Until next time....

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