Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Fun at our house

AS with everyone, we are experiencing an unusually warm October! It's hard to believe that in three short days, it will be Halloween, and consequently Hurricane's second birthday!
Rain had gone to a Pumpkin patch down in Aztec, NM with her class. The boys and I didn't go due to our Plague sickness we had! Anywhoooooo we decided to go down that weekend.
What you can't see on this pic of Hurricane is that he has a bag of popcorn that he was conspiratorally shoving down his throat like there was no tomorrow!
The kids had fun though! We did a corn maze, then there was this little playground that used dried corn. Hurricane would go down this slide and dig his head into the corn!
He is a goof!
Anyway, we did face painting, and train riding, then went on a hayride to the Pumpkin Patch part!

No Pumpkin weekend is complete without a little carving wouldn't you say?
As you can see by the disgust on both kids faces, pulling seeds out was not their favorite part...but man did it make for some good pics!


Anonymous said...

Good job, Ash. That page is absolutely adorable. The slideshow is too funny, i'm telling you, Zayn is definitely a character. Love ya.


mandy said...

That is hilarious!!! Too funny! Showed it to the kids and they laughed!

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