Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Little Diesel

My sister had a baby on the 5th, and this poor little guy just had a hard time getting started.

It has been really hard for me b/c I am so used to being the caretaker of the family, and I am hundreds of miles from where I really want to be. This page is therapy per se...therapy for me because I wanted to be there with Shi through that difficult time, but also I think there will be a day that Shi looks back and says, I wish I had some keepsakes of that whirlwind part of my life, and all the feelings have faded in time. So this is a gift to my sister...Shi you have shown amazing strength and grace. You are my shining star.

Love you!


Paper- On Angels Wings- K Pertiet DD
Crown- Biebel Rak Scraps May 08 Kit
Feet- M Bennett Bundle of Boy
Love you dot- K Pertiet DD Greeting Dots
Brushes- A Soft Rainfall KK Swirl RAKscraps
Andrea Victoria Web brush DD Freebie
DD Ad Challenge Freebie
K Pertiet Frostbitten frame DD
Font- DJB Megan

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mandy said...

AWWWW, what a cutie, I saw his for reals in Target the other day, he is beautiful and very lucky to have such a caring Auntie!!!

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