Thursday, August 7, 2008

Announcing my newest force of nature!

Isn't he a babe! We love him!

Here's our little man! My mom came out a week before the baby got here, so I had her all to myself for the week! We walked and talked and I showed her around town and let her into a glimpse of our everyday lives here. Then on the 19th, I wasn't feeling the same. I was feeling a few pains but nothing to count on. At around noon we went on a walk and a few times I had to stop. We just waited it out then around two or so we started counting. At around four we called the midwives. Then we got a hold of DH. by the time DH got there, I was starting to get a little uncomfortable, and I watched this flurry happen all around me. Mom and DH got the tub ready, pulled stuff out of the birthing box, made coffee, just got the house ready. Juanita and Joy got there around 630 and said I was at a 5! Yay active labor! B came and got Hurricane and we just set to the business of laboring. I couldn't get into the tub til I was at a 6 so I kept walking around trying to get myself to that point! I just remember asking repeatedly if I could get in yet b/c I remember how soothing it was with Hurricane. Next time they checked I was at a 7 so I hopped in that bad boy...well apparently Tornado relaxed a little too much cuz next thing I know they are Baby and our midwife Juanita.
pulling me out. We then danced and I do mean danced for a bit and labored for a bit then danced some more...then it was time. I had to birth him on my bed as opposed to the tub as originally planned, but it all worked out. From the time they broke my bag of waters and I started pushing to the time Tornado was born in twenty minutes. All in all active labor was 3.10...not bad for a 10.2 baby! Now he's six weeks old and amazing us everyday! He smiles and coo's and tries to laugh. He is AN ANGEL BABY! He's so good and patient and sweet, I just love him more each day! Loves to all!
DH and Baby....he's always this content!

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