Saturday, July 26, 2008

My PSE day with Aunti Kim

We're in Salt Lake for three weeks.  What originally started out as a working vacation was transformed into just vacation when they pushed our trial back to November.  I can always find things to do with my SLC visits, so the extra time was welcomed!  One thing I did was plan a day to go up to my aunti Kim's and teach her a few things on PSE...Photoshop Elements for those of you non digi-scrap-photographers!  We had so much fun!  So I had to include our first page....this is my cousin Mitch's son Easton isn't he cute?

Where's the baby?

Hi all!
Just a quickie to say, I know I need to get pics up of Tornado, but rest assured he is and sound, I just haven't had a moment to myself to play on blogspot! I'm so excited to share with you all the great experience that is Tornado. He is amazing! Such a good boy! I will be back soon all! Thank you all!

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