Monday, June 2, 2008

School is done...finally, and other brags!

Hi all!

Well it has been a busy past month...after we sent Pam and Tom on there mighty way, we got down to the business of finishing up school, and all the activities that accompany that! We started out with Laurenne's spring program at school....J-Force the Musical. They did an amazing job. Here she is in all the hustle and bustle.

One of the churches in the community puts this childrens choir together, and they have a lot of fun. So we had her community choir performance, Jailhouse Rock.

Then somewhere in there, she graduated Cloverbuds, which is 4-H for the 8 years and under...I have to say, never in my life did I think I would get my kids involved in 4-h....c'mon now that's for farmers kids right? Guess the small town got to me! She has one more year in Cloverbuds then she graduates to 4-h. That is when she gets to do a year long project...give you a few guesses what she wants to do...hmmm 4-H, farmers, farm animals....any one know the answer yet?

Sorry, it's sideways....some of my blog knowledge is VERY limited.

Then what happened, oh but of course...the SPELLING BEE!!

Now I have to brag a bit. First off, Challenger was such a great foundation school for her! Secondly she has just taken off! Thirdly, she has a great school and staff at Lutheran too! So she tested into second grade at the beginning of the year right? Well halfway through the year her teachers approached Sean and I and brought up the idea of moving her up to 3rd grade for her reading and spelling. They tested her, and she did fabulously, so we moved her up for those two subjects only. It's been alot of homework and independent study b/c she basically did a years worth of work in 12-16 weeks...which meant mom had to help with alot...but she had done great and really enjoyed it. So they will start her in 4th grade reading, English, and Spelling at the beginning of the year. Anyway, lets U-turn this back to the Spelling bee. She participated in the spelling Bee with the THIRD graders and came in THIRD after joining the group for 10 weeks! So we are proud of our little smarty pants!

Then we had a field trip to the Durango Rec Center...that was alot of fun!

So I couldn't find a pic of Laurenne, she was too busy playing with classmates to hang around mom, but here's Zayn-y B...we tried to drown him while we were there....this has never happened to me, so I felt horrible, but the whole area is a walk in pool with all these toys right? Well the water he was playing in went up to his knees tops, I'm talking to one of the other moms, and see Brandie (Ms McCabe) running out to where the water gets a little deeper...after my child, who has decided the slide is no longer fun, he is going to venture out to the little shower thing. Yeah, scare of my life!

Then we had awards night...Laurenne and one other boy Colton got awards for excellence in academics, which means miss smarty pants maintained an above 96 average THE ENTIRE YEAR!
Well, I think that finished off the school year! OMG! I can't believe a whole year has passed! I sent her off with her Dad on Saturday, and won't see her until the middle of July! I am kinda sad she won't be there to see her baby brother born, but it is for the best...we have a very full summer planned for the second half when she will be with us, so it will be memorable for her! So now I just have Zayn to worry about, and then Three, which should be making his appearance any time now!
Love to all!

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