Monday, June 2, 2008

My very talented husband!

When we were preggers with Hurricane, my nesting included redoing the kids room. We painted, and put bead board up and repainted a dresser....the whole nine yards. Not to mention I made him wash windows, scrub EVERYTHING with Clorox, and do millions of loads of laundry!

So this baby, he thought he might be in the did he think WRONG!

I gave him a honey do that included a new headboard for our we currently don't have any thing that ever resembled a proper bed! I also asked for a new kitchen table for our expanding family, and a bed frame for Hurricane's big boy bed that needs to look like the bow of a boat!

Here is my headboard....
Isn't that beautiful? The inlay is Aspen with a clear coat then poplar for the frame. We painted the frame a chocolate brown color, it is GORGEOUS! don't you all wish your hubbys were as talented as mine ; ) just kiddiing!
I love it!


Alicia said...

Awesome headboard! What a perk! I'm totally out of it, but have you had your baby? I can't remember the due date. I'm anxious to hear how the home birth went. The fact that clean up the mess intrigues me! Hope it went just how you wanted it to (assuming you've delivered!)

Chelsea said...

Hey, congrats I heard you had your baby. I love the name! How did your waterbirth go? I can't wait to hear some details.

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