Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Home Visit with my midwives!

Well, we finally got the g'head for our eagerly anticipated home birth!
Apparently my heart misfires...but it's a normal abnormality if that makes sense...so yay we got the clearance from a cardiologist! So Juanita (one of the midwives) came out to the house today and we went thru what to expect etc etc...I am so excited!
DH's parents were here too, so they were able to meet one of our midwives at least. But they approve, so that's good!
I had a few questions about homebirth...so here are the answers...
Yes, the midwives are highly trained.
Yes they put us at the center of the birth, not on the outskirts.
Yes, they work with us as part of the team, instead of excluding us in the team process.
Yes, they facilitate water birth, any position birth, and are open to what we feel comfortable with.
Yes, they clean up afterwards (and make dinner, and make sure baby's nursing, and mom and dad are good, they they tuck you in tight and leave)
Yes they do follow up visits, one day, four days after birth at home, then two months down the road at their office.
Yes, they have wonderful relationships with the OB's and Peds at the hospital, as well as the emergency staff, so should there be any sort of emergency, they are calling ahead making arrangements and getting you and/or baby where they need to be....they're not afraid of asking for help if needed.
No they don't work in high risk births.
Yes they had lots of school, and hands on training.
Yes they are regulated by the state...very heavily.
Yes they massage/touch/accupressure as you are comfortable with.
Yes, they are there for more than just catching the baby, they come when you call and stay till you are ready for them to leave.
Yes, they can do all the tests right there (apgar, eye ointment, vitamin k)
No, they don't circumcise.
I think that was it for now!
I will keep you updated!

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Chelsea said...

Ash---I didn't know you were into water birthing! That is so awesome. I had three of my babies in the water with a midwife. They were all amazing. I am very pro midwife/pro water. I also learned a technique called hypnobirthing which was awesome and totally allowed me to have pain-free (but VERY intense) drug-free births. I will tell you about it if you are interested. Can't wait to hear more about your expereince.

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