Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's almost time!

Hi all!

We have six weeks left...well five and a half but who's counting right? The baby is developing well and mom is doing fine! This pregnancy has gone by so fast! We have made the decision to birth the baby at home, in a tub, with the assistance of two midwives. I am beside myself with excitement, but mostly relief! Finally a birth the way I want, in the comfort of my own home! Questions? ASK!!! I'm more than happy to tell!

Anyway...the approaching deadline brings about another deadline...that of the quilt blocks! You guys...let me tell you how excited I am with the way this has come out so far! I am sending pics b/c I am SO proud at what you all have done! For those of you working on yours, I am looking to have them all by the 15th of May...that gives me a month to put the quilt together! happy quilting!
Here are just a few pics of the blocks I've received so far! Blogspot wont' let me publish them all individually like I wanted to, but I think you can zoom in on the pic with all of the blocks and see them a little better.
Well that's all for now...I've got Shi's quilt I'm working on and DH's parents coming into town Thursday, so guess I better jet!
Love you all!


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Alicia said...

I'm excited to see how your birth goes at home! Do the midwives clean up the mess? That's my hang up about doing it at home. Are you going to do hypnobirthing again? Good luck with that! Can't wait to see your newest addition!

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